Aeronautic Engineer in Lagos, Nigeria

at Victory

Airline / Aviation
Minimum Qualification
Required Experience
1 - 3 years
Employment Type
Full Time
Male or Female

Job Description

An aeronautic engineer is the individual who is responsible for the design, Job duties may include research and development, testing, parts assembly and/or the maintenance of aircraft or missiles. Some aeronautic engineers specialize in studying the effects of aircraft on the environment, the potential dangers of new aircraft technologies or fuel efficiency. Within aeronautical engineering, a person may focus on the design of aircraft systems, also called avionics, or materials research and selection. building and science of aircraft.


  • Design the body of aircraft, including shape testing, selecting the right materials for manufacturing and strength and structural modelling
  • Check the performance of an aircraft in terms of stability and control
  • Develop automated control systems for aircraft and test them
  • Improve the aerodynamics of moving aircraft through design and testing, ensuring the craft flies smoother and faster
  • Supervise the construction of aircraft in line with strict safety and design requirements
How your career can develop

Promotion to senior engineer level is possible and with more experience, you can be promoted to principal engineer level and beyond. Aeronautical engineers may often travel to different parts of the world to meet clients, suppliers and manufacturers as part of their work.


MODE OF QUALIFICATION;Interested applicant should forward their resume to the HR

REQUIREMENT;Applicant must have a minimum of SSCE,OND,HND and any other qualification is an added advantages.

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