Agro-forestry Programme Officer in Lagos, Nigeria


Program Development
Minimum Qualification
Post Graduate Degree
Required Experience
7 - 10 years
Employment Type
Full Time
Male or Female

Job Description

Job Description:

The Programme Officer is fully responsible for the delivery of the results of the Agro-forestry component in collaboration with the Programme Manager, the Project Officer Fuel Woodstoves and the project team. This position reports to the Project Manager.

Main Tasks:

· Develop annual work plans for the implementation of the project in collaboration with the project team

· Design a draft project implementation manual to guide implementation of the agro-forestry component.

· Ensure a comprehensive baseline is carried out to derive quality data needed for the implementation of the agro-forestry component of the project. Recruit Technical services for this and oversee conduct of the baseline study

· Ensure comprehensive promotion of natural regeneration and other Agro-forestry models in the target project areas to build widespread awareness on the project benefits and mobilize participation in the project

· Ensure effective capacity building of target beneficiaries for effective take off of the Agro-forestry segment of the project.

· Supervise the establishment of nurseries and distribution of seedlings,

· Work with the relevant members of the project team to establish public/private/CBO partnership platforms that plan and coordinate LGA level actions to create conducive legal/practical conditions that allow people to benefit from the trees they manage.

· Facilitate a review of financial mechanisms such as taxation on unsustainable use and loans for investments in Agro-forestry models and the development of an updated acceptable regime.

· Identify and engage applied research institutions for provision of specialised technical services and know/how such as GIS and Agro-forestry models development

· Support socially inclusive value chain development for Agro-forestry, rural entrepreneurship, markets and marketing working with the Project advisers and Private Sector Expert,

· Supervise the effective implementation of a Results Based Financing mechanism, whereby entrepreneurs are rewarded for their achievements to raise and supply seedlings to CBOs

· Contribute to results as relevant for both the Agro-forestry and Wood Stoves component.

· Develop and organise ToRs, Capacity Development plans, Implementation Plans, M&E routines, Documentation, TA support, in order to support Implementing Partners

· Elaborate and actively promote Project principles and results in the project area and inform sector policies of more efficient intervention based on results of the action.

· Facilitate the transfer of technology / participatory learning on the Agro-forestry supporting techniques such as water management, intercropping, improved pasture,

· Actively take part in PMU meetings and provide other services as may be delegated by the Project Manager.

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