Air Hostess in Lagos, Nigeria

at Alphagold Consults

Airline / Aviation
Minimum Qualification
Required Experience
1 - 3 years
Employment Type
Full Time

Job Description

There are some of the basic roles and

responsibilities of every air hostess and the rest is

depending upon the designation and depend upon

the duty.

Air hostess are responsible to make aware the

passengers about the safety rules and regulation.

Before the passengers enter into the flight it is the

responsibility of the air hostess to give brief about

the plan and duties to the passengers and to the


The brief of the roles and duty to the pilot make

pilot comfortable to coordinate with the crew and

get the information regarding the weather


Air hostess check the emergency equipment which

include first aid kits and working hour to the other

staff member.

To check the quality and quantity of the beverage,

blanket and pillow is the duty of the air hostess.

*To check the tickets of the passengers and explain

the boarding plan to the passengers.

*Air hostess help the passengers in finding the seats

and stow their carry bags.

*Make aware the customers about how to use the

seat belts and how to sit at the time of take off of

the fight

*This is the responsibility of the air hostess to

convey the message regarding the safety measure,

weather condition, and board, provide refreshment

and books for reading and many more.

*The job of the air hostess is very pleasing and

demanding and hey has to deal with the

passengers in a decent way and should be polite

with the passengers.

*To take care of the Working Conditions with in the

flight and to maintain the hygienic of the eatable


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