Animator in Lagos, Nigeria

at Tosam - Plus Logistics

Apparel & Fashion
Minimum Qualification
Required Experience
1 - 3 years
Employment Type
Male or Female

Job Description

An animator uses sequential photographs of drawings, puppets and models to produce films of varying length for use in advertisements, computer games, pop music videos, etc.

Animators are the creative minds who bring the media to life with their original designs and art work. Using various computer animation and modelling programmes and tools which manipulate aspects such as light, texture and shadow, they produce moving images for a multitude of products and productions seen in films, television, websites and computer games.



Working in collaboration with directors and other animators to develop storyboards which depict the initial desired outlook of the production.
    Translating these initial ideas into graphics and animation using sophisticated modelling and animation programmes.
    Writing and planning scripts for narrative sequences.
    Budgeting for the production.
    Editing animation sequences.


A primary degree in a relevant subject like illustration, 3D/graphic design or computer/computer aided engineering is required. A Masters in animation is beneficial.

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