Asset Custodian in Lagos, Nigeria

at Cresters Resources

Education Management
Education Management
Minimum Qualification
Executive Education
Required Experience
1 - 3 years
Employment Type
Full Time
Male or Female

Job Description

  • To maintain the University's asset recording system for capital assets
  • To email to Division/Office on bimonthly basis an Asset Data Form (Excel) to collect asset information on transfers, write off and sale on capital assets. To follow up on response within 14 working days.
  • To email to Division/Office fortnightly, an Asset Data Form (Excel) listing purchases for the last fortnight and follow up response within 5 working days on serial number, location and custodian of capital assets.
  • To provide reports to the University Executive.
  • To undertake, in conjunction with asset liaison officers of each Division/Office, regular stock takes of capital assets and ensure Stocktake sheets are signed by the asset liaison officer. Complete Stocktake of all capital assets are conducted on an annual cycle.
  • To provide on-going training to appropriate Division/Office staff on the maintenance of attractive assets carried out by them
  • To carry out a sample check of attractive items maintained by Divisions/Offices and ensure their inclusion in stock take certificate.
  • To provide two copies of a list of capital asset to Heads of Division/Offices in December for their review and confirmation. The last Stocktake date will be recorded against each asset. Heads of Divisions/Offices are required to sign and return one copy to the Asset Management Section, not later than 5 working days after the financial year ended 31 December. Any further additions, deletions and amendments should be included on the copy returned to Asset Management. This process is to facilitate the signing and return of the Management Representation statement to the Vice Chancellor, as required for external audit purposes.


  • Asset custodianship
  • Ensure that laid-down instructions for the handling and movement of treasury cash to and from tellers and SBV are adhered to. 
  • Ensure that current stock of blank forms received is recorded and signed for according to laid-down procedures. 
  • Ensure that record keeping is carried out according to laid-down instructions for treasury cash, blank forms and safe custody items. 
  • Ensure that swept deposits are correctly handled in terms of the laid down instructions. 
  • Ensure that all Irregular Items have been actioned before the end of the day.
  • Ensure that cash holdings do not exceed prescribed limits. 
  • Ensure that sufficient cash levels are maintained to meet normal customer requirements.
  • Ensure that Auto Bank and Auto Cash terminals are always adequately stocked with cash and stationery. 
  • Maintain close liaison with the Auto Bank Control Centre to ensure that equipment problems are dealt with promptly. 
  • Ensure that potential faults that could cause equipment to malfunction are identified and resolved on time 
  • Ensure that all ATM terminals are kept clean and maintained in good condition.
  • Control ATM cash according to laid-down instructions. 
  • Balance cash at the required intervals. 
  • Report and action differences in ATM cash promptly. 
  • Ensure that ATM cash is safeguarded against unnecessary and preventable loss.
  • Action ATM reports as listed on the Duty List promptly in terms of laid-down instructions. 
  • Reconcile ATM cash daily. 
  • Action Care Suspects accurately and on time, resulting in reduced operating losses.
  • In terms of the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act No 37 of 2002, (the Act) no staff member is permitted to provide any advice or intermediary service to a customer, in terms of a financial product, as determined by the Act, unless they have been appointed as a Representative of a licensed Financial Services Provider. 
  • In your current position you are not an accredited representative in terms of the Act, and are therefore prohibited from giving any advice or intermediary service to a customer in terms of a financial product, as determined by the Act.
  • Follow standardized routine procedures for control purposes. 
  • Draw on experience of branch cash requirements and cyclical impacts on cash resources to plan for fluctuating cash demands and optimize cash holdings. 
  • Plan and execute regular maintenance requirements for ATM terminals, and deal with day to day unexpected interruptions to service in order to maximize productivity 
  • Ability to attend to customer queries timeously is required. 
  • Sound recall of procedures and previous experiences, in order to recognize the appropriate solution to each situation. 
  • Resourceful, finding practical ways to efficiently deal with voluminous workloads, and remain focused on priority issues.
  • Planning is generally on a daily to weekly basis within regular activity cycles.
  • Understand the impact of ATM services provided, the interrelatedness of the services provided to branch staff, and the impact on customers. 
  • Work within set policy, procedures, system parameters and internal controls. Able to respect authority and take instructions.



  • Good verbal communication skills required for explaining banking procedures. 
  • Ability to convey factual information clearly. 
  • Ability to listen and probe effectively to determine customers’ real needs. 
  • Assertive - able to stand by principles and put forward an idea or view despite opposition. 
  • Resilient – able to retain optimism despite setbacks and not take criticism personally. 
  • Ability to remain calm and focused u
  • nder pressure. 
  • Methodical, accurate and pays attention to detail. 
  • Persistent in following instructions and completing tasks. 
  • Results-orientated, adheres to turn-around times/deadlines. 
  • Customer service-orientated, diplomatic, tolerant and helpful to those in need of assistance. 
  • Team player – ability to share with others.
  • Self-motivated and energetic.
  • Assertive – ability to stand by principles, even at the risk of reduced popularity.
  • Required Competencies.




All qualified and interested applicants should forward a comprehensive resume/CV to the comment box provided or to the email address: crestersresources @ for urgent recruitment and must be willing to resume duty immediately.

(Only Lagos Residents To Apply).

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