Auto Technician/Mechanic in Benue, Nigeria

at Linkso Nigeria Limited

Minimum Qualification
Required Experience
5 - 7 years
Employment Type
Full Time
Male or Female

Job Description

A newly established Autommobile Company providing computerized car garage service based in Benue State seeks to employ the service of Automotive Technicians/Mechanics.


- Must be able to diagnose the different sources of automotive problems swiftly and accurately.
- Must be able to understand and carry out oral and written instructions in English language. 
- Must be able to use various high-tech diagnostic tools and diagnose equipment.
- Must be able to use a data management computer system to look up vehicle repair history and enter work order information. 
- Must be able to complete forms and paperwork in an eligible manner. 
- Must be able to read, understand, and apply information from service manuals (including electronic service manuals), diagnostic aids, flow charts, charts, and graphs. 
- Must be able to use automotive tools and servicing equipment such as an air conditioning recycler, hydraulic jack, brake lathe, emission analyzer, various welding machines, and other related equipment. 
- Must be able to communicate any unsafe conditions, accidents, or injuries in a timely manner in order to facilitate prompt correction or reporting. 
- Must be able to communicate orally in English language and work cooperatively with customers, clients, and the public. 


Graduation from an accredited automotive trade school

5-10 years of experience in the maintenance, repair, and computerized diagnostics of automotive equipment;

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