Chief Security Officer (CSO) in Lagos, Nigeria

Security and Investigations
Minimum Qualification
Required Experience
15+ years
Employment Type
Full Time
Male or Female

Job Description

Job Descriptions

  • To take lead of the Security Teams and their various activities.
  • To set dynamic security standards , rules , regulations and code of practices across the relevant areas and ensure strict compliances .
  • Take full charge of the security of the company for maximum protection of both human and non- human assets and safeguard the activities of all the stakeholders.
  • On regular basis, to critically assess the risk exposures of the Company and come out with the best measures of handling & combating them.
  • To secure a strategic alliance with all the Government enforcement Agencies across the country
  • To take lead in intelligence gathering and feed the management regularly.
  • To play a liaison role with other stakeholders ( Clients) security Units to build an harmonized relationship that will assist in information sourcing or gathering which will enhance the Company watch words - Unequaled Prompt Service Delivery
  • To report monthly to the management on any security related matters
  • To carry out a quarterly checks to all the Company accredited Transporters to ensure strict compliance with the set risks management models and reports within the 2week of the exercise
  • To pay regular and unscheduled visits both days & nights to all the company formations e.g warehouses being managed by the Company ,Top Management Residences, Clients with vulnerable goods to theft , terminals , transporters yards etc.
  • To set up a Monitoring Team for random checking of Company goods whilst in transit or transporters yards and ensure all the containers are properly done sealed
  • To take lead in securing the company goods in case of any accident or any threat
  • To carry out a discrete investigation to any loss or thereat to company goods / personnel and reports promptly
  • To take lead in any event of loss or theft of any goods directly owned or in trust of the Company by promptly reporting the incident to the appropriate authority, track down the suspect(s) within the shortest time with the assistant of the rightful Agency and obtain the needful documents completely and adequately.
  • To monitor the performances of the Company engaged Security outfits and report to the management on regular basis
  • To organize unnoticed drills or exercises to see how the security personnel will react to the emergency callings.
  • To update the management regularly on any security threats in the society or to any of the company operations with the appropriate recommendations.
  • To engage in proper verification exercise & documentations of the company’s need new employees from time to time
  • To set up a Spy - Team that will always understudy the activities of any of the Company Stakeholders that may be injurious and report to the findings to the management regularly


  • The Prospective candidates must possess the under listed qualities:
  • He must be a Retired & Experienced Police Officer ( Most Especially - DSS ) with main specialization on loss investigations or Knowledgeable and Well Experienced Insurance Loss Adjuster presently working with reputable Insurance Companies with verifiable proofs
  • He must not be less than 45 years and maximum of 50 years of age
  • He must be of a good character without any records of blemish in the course of his career
  • Smart in fact- findings strategies and Energetic
  • He must have sufficient experienced and good working Relationship with all the Government Enforcement Agencies concerning discrete Investigations , the track down of criminals and adjudication processes .
  • Strong in verbal and Communication Skills
  • He must be Proactive & think out of box
  • Very Good in Auditing processes - equipment & facilities
  • He must be Time conscious in all the official assignments with priority on doing things right at first time.
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