Commercial Air Pilot in Lagos, Nigeria

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Aviation & Aerospace
Aviation & Aerospace
Minimum Qualification
High School
Required Experience
1 - 3 years
Employment Type
Full Time
Male or Female

Job Description


There is more to the role than just flying the plane, which has to be done safely and economically. Prior to the flight, pilots check flight plans, ensure that the aircraft's controls are operating efficiently and calculate the required fuel for the flight.

Pilot will  also be  responsible for checking the weather conditions and briefing cabin crew.


making sure all information on the route, weather, passengers and aircraft is received;

using that information to create a flight plan, which details the altitude for the flight, route to be taken and amount of fuel required;

ensuring the fuel levels balance safety with economy and supervising the loading and fuelling of the aircraft;

making sure all safety systems are working properly;

briefing the cabin crew before the flight and maintaining regular contact throughout the flight;

carrying out pre-flight checks on the navigation and operating systems;

communicating with air traffic control before take-off and during flight and landing;

ensuring noise regulations are followed during take-off and landing;

understanding and interpreting data from instruments and controls;

making regular checks on the aircraft's technical performance and position, on weather conditions and air traffic during flight;

communicating with passengers using the public address system;

reacting quickly and appropriately to environmental changes and emergencies;

updating the aircraft logbook and writing a report at the end of the flight noting any incidents or problems with the aircraft.


The usual qualifications needed to begin training as a pilot are a minimum of five GCSEs and two A-levels. The training requires a good level of understanding of maths and physics and so any qualifications that demonstrate this may be of an advantage.


An understanding of maths and physics;

An ability to understand technical information, as pilots need to know how their aircraft works;

Excellent spatial awareness and coordination;

good communication skills;

Team-working skills;

The ability to think quickly and make decisions in difficult situations;

The capacity to remain calm under pressure;

Discipline, self-confidence and commitment;

Leadership skills, with the ability to give clear commands to cabin crew and passengers.

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