Commercial Printing Manager in Oyo, Nigeria

Manufacturing / Production
Administration & Office Support
Minimum Qualification
Bachelor's Degree
Required Experience
10 - 15 years
Employment Type
Full Time
Male or Female

Job Description

To manage, direct and control the commercial printing flow in line with the company strategy by setting schedules, confirming product specifications, arranging adjustments, overseeing the work of staff in the department, monitoring the quality of products and ensuring that deadlines are met.


Areas of Contribution and Related Responsibilities

    Strategy Involvement

    Participates in setting commercial printing strategy along with Management in order to attain departmental goals and contribute to the company’s growth and development

    Cascades down departmental strategy to subordinates to ensure individual alignment with operations objectives and quality standards


    Controls costs in all areas, and proposes ongoing enhancements to optimize quality of products and services in a cost effective manner

    Carries out costing of projects in order to present to management project price estimates for decision-making and approval purposes

Operational Involvement

    Monitors the process of commercial product printing and coordinates with marketing on a continuous basis to ensure client satisfaction and quality standards

    Identifies and selects appropriate options for binding, inks, paper, varnishes and special printing processes

    Monitors pre-press activities by supervising the “color separation” and “plate making” to ensure conformity with policies and procedures

    Monitors printing activities by giving continuous approval on samples at different stages of the process

    Monitors the di-cutting process by supervising the smooth running of the first stage’s activities

    Monitors the finishing process and gives his approval on final samples before the shipping process

Graphic Design Involvement

    Monitors the design of customer products, whenever needed, and constantly coordinates with customers to meet their needs and demands in terms of graphics.

Planning and Organizing

    Plans the job process by setting, reviewing and distributing production and shipment schedules; conferring with HODs to determine the status  of the job and completion dates; and compiling reports on work-in- progress, inventory levels, costs, and production problems

    Oversees planning and implementation of production plans including receiving sales forecasts; requisition for procurement of raw materials and manufacturing of products

Quality Standards

    Inspects and supervises quality’s compliance at all times in order to ensure that quality standards are implemented and adhered to.

    Directs and monitors production plans according to quality and quantity specifications within cost objectives

Risk Management

    Monitors the implementation of risk management procedures in order to identify/avoid flows/gaps and ensure an efficient departmental process

    Liaises with the Maintenance department to ensure proficiency of machines at all times and overcome possible production shortages

Safety and Security

    Ensures implementation and adherence of team by safety and security measures to overcome potential dangers and hazards

Customer Service

    Maintains contact with clients, regarding technical specifications and any update about job process or delivery information to ensure high level of client satisfaction

    Coordinates with the Marketing department on customer complaints and feedback for ongoing enhancement of quality of final products.

Business Development

    Stays abreast of industry trends and competitors’ products for business development purposes

People Management

    Monitors the work of the Assistant Production Manager, Head of Pre- Press, Head of Press, Head of Coupons, Head of Cutting and Head of Finishing, and builds strong relationships with them to ensure constant communication, motivation and development of team

Policies and Procedures

    Participates in setting policies and procedures of own department with related parties and keeps up to date with changing internal and external related regulations for compliance and regulatory purposes

Communications and Working Relationships

    Internal Communication

    Maintains continuous contact with Marketing and Stores departments for work coordination and customer satisfaction

    Maintains continuous contact with HODs for work coordination

    Maintains continuous contact with team for work coordination

    Maintains regular contact with COO/GM for work prioritization and coordination

External Communication

    Maintains regular contacts with clients for maximum client satisfaction

    Framework, Boundaries, and Decision Making Authority

    The Commercial Printing Manager signs on the closing of each job and takes decisions regarding production planning and production work-in-process activities as per the requirements, duties and responsibilities of his role.


    10 years of experience in similar industry

    Minimum of a Technical Degree or equivalent

    Technical baccalaureate

    Good command of English

    Very good computer skills – Microsoft Office. Costing program and graphic designs programs are a plus

    Knowledge of raw materials, production processes, quality control,costs, and other techniques for maximizing the effective manufacture of goods

    Knowledge of circuit boards, processors, chips, electronic equipment

    Knowledge in mechanical maintenance

    Very good organizational skills

    Very good problem-solving skills

    Very good interpersonal and communication skills

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