Commercial Summer Internships (Dublin) in Ireland, United Kingdom

at Procter & Gamble

Consumer Goods
Sales/Business Development
Minimum Qualification
Bachelor's Degree
Required Experience
1 - 3 years
Employment Type
Male or Female

Job Description

MARKETING POSITIONS - "Develop a brand our consumers are devoted to"At P&G we work off the starting principal that the consumer is boss. You will get to lead a defined brand project that could range from helping to launch a new product to defining the best online marketing strategy for one of our brands. Whatever you do you'll be working with a wide range of people to make the project a success, from creative agencies to retailer teams.

SALES POSITIONS - "Develop mutually beneficial partnerships with our retailers through selling our products"We work with the biggest retailers in the country to sell our brands. You will get to work closely to develop plans with one of our retail partners: perhaps plans for a great product launch, perhaps helping them optimise the range of products that they stock to make their (and our) businesses as profitable as possible. Whatever you do you'll get a chance to hone your strategic thinking and negotiating skills.

FINANCE POSITIONS - Test your finance knowledge and management abilities in real-life situations and
obtain insights into the world of Finance in a fast moving consumer goods company”We use our skills and the breadth of our experience to provide guidance to key business decisions. We are at the forefront of looking for ways to improve productivity and reduce losses, to meet or exceed the expectations of our consumers. We lead in the development and maintenance of the Company's external compliance and internal controls. All we do is with transparency and integrity.
It's a great opportunity to be creative and enable P&G to better meet the needs of our consumers. The internship will run from 7th July - 12th September 2014 and the deadline for applications is the 4th December 2013


- Top talent (bachelor/university degree)
- Evidence of passion and achievements in academic and/or non academic activities
- Short work experience, internships and studies abroad are considered as a plus,
- Leadership/Self starting capabilities, collaboration skills, creativity and strategic analysis
- Good knowledge of the language of country of interest,
- Good command of the English language.

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