Compressor Operator in Lagos, Nigeria

at RusselSmith

Engineering / Technology
Minimum Qualification
Bachelor's Degree
Required Experience
3 - 5 years
Employment Type
Full Time
Male or Female

Job Description

• Switch from automatic to manual controls and isolate equipment mechanically and electrically to allow for safe inspection and repair work.
• Maintain daily logs of operation, maintenance, and safety activities, including test results, instrument readings, and details of equipment malfunctions and maintenance work.
• Monitor and inspect equipment, computer terminals, switches, valves, gauges, alarms, safety devices, and meters to detect leaks or malfunctions and to ensure that equipment is operating efficiently and safely.
• Analyze problems and take appropriate action to ensure continuous and reliable operation of equipment and systems.
• Clean and lubricate boilers and auxiliary equipment and make minor adjustments as needed, using hand tools.
• Perform or arrange for repairs, such as complete overhauls, replacement of defective valves, gaskets, or bearings, or fabrication of new parts.
• Operate or tend stationary engines, boilers, and auxiliary equipment such as pumps, compressors, and air-conditioning equipment, to supply and maintain steam or heat for buildings, marine vessels, or pneumatic tools.
• Activate valves to maintain required amounts of water in boilers, to adjust supplies of combustion air, and to control the flow of fuel into burners.
• Test boiler water quality or arrange for testing and take necessary corrective action, such as adding chemicals to prevent corrosion and harmful deposits.
• Adjust controls and/or valves on equipment to provide power, and to regulate and set operations of system or industrial processes.
• Monitor boiler water, chemical, and fuel levels, and make adjustments to maintain required levels.
• Weigh, measure, and record fuel used.
• Install burners and auxiliary equipment, using hand tools.
• Contact equipment manufacturers or appropriate specialists when necessary to resolve equipment problems.
• Carry out Emergency Responses duties in line with Client’s requirement.
• Perform other duties or tasks as assigned or required.

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