Contracts (Pipeline Project Design) Manager in Lagos, Nigeria

at WTS Energy

Oil & Gas / Mining
Oil & Gas / Mining / Energy
Minimum Qualification
Bachelor's Degree
Required Experience
5 - 7 years
Employment Type
Male or Female

Job Description

The Contract Manager within the Project Team is responsible for the preparation of and implementation of all contract terms and conditions representing all work, services procurement and participation agreements required to properly execute the project. This includes service contracts, contracts for services, tender agreements, plus equipment and material purchase agreements in all phases required to perform the works successfully and in accordance with project goals and objectives. The position reports to the team Senior Project Manager, and assumes overall accountability for ensuring each unit is performing in a legal manner. The incumbent is responsible for ensuring all government documentation required to perform the works by each contractor is in force and copies are in our files as required by governmental regulations. General primary duties of the incumbent are to assist the Senior Project Manager and each Project Manager by providing all legal analysis, contract reviews, payment request and work change order evaluation for all projects task undertaken by the team.

General Duties Summary:

1. Assume accountability for all contract agreements
2. Verify and sign-off on all contract change request

Before Project Award:

1. Review all contracts to be entered into my the group
2. Prepare all contracts to be issued by the group
3. Ensure all work performed by the group is legal and within the guidelines of that established by Executive Management
4. Review any conflict of interest with other agreements
5. Participate in any negotiations and evaluations for all services
6. Participate in all project evaluations
7. Serve as in-house contract expert for all team members

After Project Award:

1. Work with Project Manager to develop final Project Execution Plan (PEP) during phase 2
2. Finalize ,implement and manage Project Services Support Team
3. Assist Project Managers evaluate and recommend best constructability option based on contract terms and conditions
4. Assist Project Manager in developing funding estimate with all technical input
5. Assist Construction Managers and Contractors develop WEP’s and WBS programs
6. Assist Construction Managers in evaluating work progress and evaluating progress payment request
7. Develop Level 2 schedule for inclusion into firm contract document
8. Review and advise Construction Manager on site HSE required programs
9. Monitor and support Construction Manager during site work
10. Sign-off on all progress payment request

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