Copywriter in Lagos, Nigeria

at R.S Hunter

Human Resources
Minimum Qualification
Bachelor's Degree
Required Experience
1 - 3 years
Employment Type
Full Time
Male or Female

Job Description

Job Responsibilities:

  • Conceives and executes advertising consistent with the agreed strategy
  • Is responsible for original conceptions, for clear, concise and convincing writing: for grammatical and material accuracy
  • Under the direction, and with the approval, of his GCD, the Copywriter sees work through to its production
  • Must also be able to work productively and harmoniously as a team mate with Art Directors and Producers who share the responsibility on the given assignment
  • Participates in and contributes to the new business activities of the agency
  • Complies to quality standards for the team as set forth by the department
  • Works with supervisor to foster innovative solutions
  • Builds relationship at appropriate client/vender level
  • Works closely with upper management to identify and suggest solutions on how to improve departmental and team morale
  • Keeps abreast of current trends and the latest technological advances


  • Develops concepts and/or storyboards, collaborating with Production as needed
  • Meets with Account and Traffic who review work in progress and select desired concepts
  • Presents concepts to other corridors if necessary and revise concepts/storyboards according to comments
  • Revises recommendations based on any client comments and share approved recommendations with all departments
  • Generates a Concept Estimate for client presentation (your supervisor’s prior approval is required)
  • Gives input to Traffic to generate a more accurate Key-Date Schedule after concepts are selected (your supervisor’s prior approval is required)
  • Discusses paper with Production prior to Production’s ordering of samples
  • Develops a Spec Sheet in Pre-production meeting with Production, Media, Studio and Strategic Services
  • Develops Copy Deck
  • Seeks internal approval of Copy Deck by Creative, Account and other teams
  • Sends the final copy to Studio
  • Seeks approval from all involved on layout and/or mechanical
  • Assists Art director and studio to generate mechanicals
  • Prepares color breaks from color lasers generated from the disk
  • Gives schedule updates to Traffic (your supervisor’s prior approval is required)
  • Gives input to Traffic to prepare Formal Estimate (your supervisor’s prior approval is required)
  • Briefs and presents project team with key findings
  • Participates in weekly departmental staff meetings
  • Keeps supervisor apprised of the status of work
  • Works with Art Director, writer and Producer to begin rough cut production t
  • Provides Producer with approved storyboards, job number and air date
  • Reviews copy deck internally for legal considerations
  • Presents copy deck to client and revises copy based on client comments
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