Country Safety Manager in Lagos, Nigeria

Manufacturing / Production
Project Management
Minimum Qualification
Required Experience
5 - 7 years
Employment Type
Full Time
Male or Female

Job Description

Job Reference: CSM/12/2015
Location: Nigeria
Functional areas: Quality & Sustainability
Department: Quality & Sustainability

Job Details    

  • The Country Safety Manager reports to the Head, Quality & Sustainability.

Purpose of the job:

  • To further Coca-Cola Hellenic's commitment to improving Health and Safety (H&S) performance by advising senior country business managers on the practical implementation of group safety objectives, and on compliance with in-country H&S regulatory requirements.
  • Coordinate development, implementation and maintenance of OHSAS 18001 certifiable management systems at site(s) level following overall direction provided by the group OHSAS Toolkit. Liaise with group H&S staff, and Property & Loss Risk managers.
  • Prepare high quality weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual H&S reports for country and business managers and for input to the broader group statistics (including H&S metric performance measurement) and carry out routine analysis in order to identify trends and key areas for focused attention and remedial programs.
  • Develop the professional competence of the site H&S Coordinators and provide coordination and guidance as needed.

The Key Responsibilities of the role are:

  • Annually prepare/review draft Country Health & Safety Policy for management approval; including arrangements and organization for administration of routine national H&S activities.
  • Plan and time management of own work to support delivery of functional strategy and prioritize to fit with the needs of other internal customers.
  • Consult with external authorities and other industry/company experts in order to keep abreast of regulatory changes and industry best practice - provide advice to site coordinators as appropriate.
  • Be aware of proposed changes to national Health and Safety laws/directives, internal policies potentially likely to be applicable etc. Review site level H&S Regulatory Compliance Registers annually. Review site level corrective action plans and progress arising from audit programmes (TCCC, OHSAS 18001, Cross border audits).
  • Prioritize and provide advice in a timely manner on OHSAS 18001 implementation, and other group H&S Policy and Procedures.
  • Provide quality control review of site level incident investigation reports for all serious injury accidents, corrective action plans and subsequent progress logs to ensure a sufficiently thorough investigation has taken place and that actions are timely, appropriate and completed with the intended results and in the intended timescale.
  • Seek out and/or provide Health & Safety problem solving ideas and solutions in response to issues identified at national/site level that reflect best practice within the company or industry.
  • Deliver work, recommendations and advice within budget and completed in a timely manner.
  • Develop annual national/site H&S improvement programs and measurement targets based on analysis of key incident trends, audit recommendations etc. in consultation with employees and management teams. ‘’Review periodically."
  • Prepare high quality monthly, quarterly and annual H&S performance reports for country senior management team and for submission to group H&S function.
  • Prepare and maintain performance statistics and carry out routine analysis in order to identify trends and patterns across the national business units. This should be delivered accurately and on time.
  • Develop draft country level policies and procedures etc.
  • Maintains close contact with internal customers, anticipates expectations and strives to improve customer satisfaction.
  • Professional standards met in all regards while delivering high quality service.
  • Periodically review competency levels and identification of training needs for site level H&S coordinators (ongoing), including new and revised regulatory requirements, refresher training etc.
  • Develop and maintain effective and efficient H&S Coordinator’s network at the countries operational manufacturing sites, in-company distribution networks & warehouses. Facilitate regular information and experience exchange for this group of people.
  • Periodically review own competency levels and identification of broad H&S training needs, including new and revised regulatory requirements, refresher training etc.
  • Conscientiously applies oneself to process of continuous learning, and openness to constructive feedback.
  • Achieves and maintains membership status within National and/or International Institutions for Occupational Safety & Health via compliance within accredited continuing professional development programmes etc.
  • As required, use skills to the benefit of other sites within the group. Assist group functions via established working parties and task groups, presentation at internal conferences/meetings etc. when appropriate. Also cross-functionally at country level e.g. HR; PA&C; and SC.
  • Promote the benefits of good standards of Occupational Health and Safety and look for continuous improvement opportunities across the national organizational structure. Work with local PA&C representative to promote and celebrate national and/or site H&S success by communication to the wider group community via submissions for the Journey magazine etc.
  • Always leads by personal example, in particular when interacting with site level managers, supervisors and H&S Coordinators providing insights to drive performance improvement.
  • High level of integrity and diligence applied to all activity and behaviour embracing CC Hellenic's value & ethics requirements.
  • Develop collaborative relationships and represents CC Hellenics interests at meetings of relevant national institutions and industry experience sharing forums, TCCC etc.
  • Liaise with specialist inspectors of the National Health & Safety Agency as required.
  • Effective working relationships developed and maintained with manager, department colleagues, and other key internal contacts.
  • Liaise with Group H&S manager regularly; and Property & Loss Insurance Risk Managers, to ensure that appropriate H&S and Loss Prevention standards and procedures are implemented and maintained.
  • Uses networking skills (internally & externally) to keep current of latest H&S thinking and techniques that make things work/get things done.
  • Work with the Country Supply Chain Services/Manufacturing/Quality team to identify and improve function deliverables to internal group customers and improve H&S performance.
  • Seek annual feedback from within immediate internal customer base and integrate as appropriate into personal objectives and development/training plan in consultation with immediate line manager. Review objectives and development plan quarterly.
  • Depth of knowledge continuously reviewed, along with breadth of subject matter and the exchange of information with reliable internal, and verifiable external sources.
  • Fully understands the difference between setting standards at a purely compliance level and the benefits of integrating new and best practice H&S initiatives within the line management organization.
  • Fully understands CSR strategy and program, and promotes across national H&S Coordinator network.
  • Works closely with Country PA&C representatives to provide H&S advice (and/or opportunities) within national CSR related activities.
  • Provides national H&S input for annual group CSR report as requested.
  • Promotes CCHellenic's reputation as a responsible and ethical employer and the commitment to transparency and continuous improvement both with internal & external stakeholders.
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