Divisional Field Service Engineer - Nigeria-140000RE in Lagos, Nigeria


Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing
Minimum Qualification
Bachelor's Degree
Required Experience
5 - 7 years
Employment Type
Full Time
Male or Female

Job Description


Company Overview

Cummins Inc. is a $18 billion, Fortune 200 company and the world’s largest independent producer and distributor of diesel engines and related components.  Our continued success globally is predicated on the capability and extent of our product range, our commitment to new technology and the quality of our people.

Job Outline


  • Enable early notification problem detection, investigation, documentation and correction
  • Lead technical advisor for distributor
  • Key liaison between distributor/dealer network and factory DFSE
  • Technical Capability
  • Field Problem investigation Skills/Capability
  • Focal point for technical communication flow for assigned territory
  • Counterpart Maximum Density 0.25 man per branch ratio (Max 4 branch’s)
  • Counterpart role dedication Minimum participation level 50% time commitment w/Max 2 branch’s  [less than 50% dedication level w/not be recognized as DFSE Ctpt]
  • Yearly DFSE Counterpart Self and Factory DFSE Measure Qualification w/distributor upper management required to maintain Counterpart Status


Key Responsibilities:


Enable Early Notification Investigation, Documentation and Correction

  • DFSE counterpart takes lead role in local technical investigations of early notification problems with the Factory DFSE being the primary point of contact in these type of issues
  • Basic information should be collected before contacting factory (ESN, Engine Model, Miles/Hours, OEM, CPL, ECM Calibration Code)
  • The DFSE Counterpart should prioritize his efforts on early warning problem identification and correction activities
  • Types of Failures
  • Component Failures, Performance Failures (Response,  Stability, Smoke, Surge, Oil Carryover, Low Power, Fuel Consumption, Vibration), Mechanical / Electronic Service Tool Failures (INSITE/Calibrations, QSOL, Field Calterm, Virtual College), Improper/incorrect factory issued troubleshooting and repair practices, Safety concerns
  • Failure Modes
  • New / Unique, hard to resolve failure modes, trending failures by customer/product in territory, fix effectiveness (re-occurring previously fixed issue/problem that occurred after a clean ESN or component date), Identification, establish internal distributor system that alerts the DFSE counterpart and Factory DFSE on a detailed basis to any new product problems occurring within the territory.
  • Investigation
  • Direct/lead the initial on-site investigation of issue, consults with Factory DFSE to review results of initial investigation and develop any further action plans if required
  • Documentation
  • DFSE counterpart submits complete, accurate, concise and timely investigation reports to factory via PIR system (refer to section 3 PIR guidelines)
  • Correction
  • Implementation and evaluation of problem fix


Lead Technical Advisor for Assigned Territory

  • DFSE counterpart takes lead role in local technical investigations after all published technical resources have been exhausted by the local branch
  • Provide high quality technical support and assistance for all engine product lines (midrange through high horsepower) and all market segments  (automotive, industrial, marine and power generation)
  • Includes Cummins subsidiaries and their products (ex: Holset, Wabco, Fleetguard/Nelson and Diesel Recon, etc.)
  • Includes service tools, Information Products (ex: Road Relay, etc.)
  • DFSE counterpart utilizes and follows the published technical support process flow for additional factory support (i.e. Factory Technical Hotline, Factory DFSE, etc.)
  • Basic information should be collected before contacting factory (ESN, Engine Model, Miles/Hours, OEM, CPL, ECM Calibration Code)
  • Assist distributor/dealer shops in resolving complex or unique product problems
  • Assist distributor/dealer shops in complex failure analysis
  • DFSE counterpart submits complete, accurate, concise and timely investigation reports to factory via PIR system (ref to section 3 PIR guidelines)
  • In conjunction with the Factory DFSE and Service Engineering, Distributor DFSE counterpart acts as the focal point for all engine/component field test activity within the assigned territory.
  • Makes initial customer contacts, manages the field test contract with customer or test site manager, maintains records on all installations and provides updates to factory field test engineers and/or factory DFSE as required


PIR Reporting System

  • DFSE Counterpart is to actively use the Product Incident Report (PIR) system to report and document early warning, reliability, durability and cost of coverage issues (component failures / performance failures / service tools / repair procedures)
  • Product Incident Reports are submitted on a timely basis - five days from initial failure/investigation
  • Quality Product Incident Report include:
  • Detailed description of failure, Observe engine / engine compartment conditions, Investigation details (ex: troubleshooting completed, etc.), 3 C’s: Complaint, cause and correction, Previous Warranty Claim Repair History and Observations that may Effect the Cause of Failure (Chain of Events), The number of known Failures and number of known Customers involved and include the effect the Failure has on the Customer, Mechanical component failures, Failure analysis including comments on related non-failed components, Digital Pictures, OEM related issues, Maintenance and operating conditions, Performance issues, Operating conditions when issue occurs (ambient and engine temperatures, throttle, load, engine speed), Field Calterm/INSITE, data logs and job images (ECM calibration code) including feature / parameter settings, Tools issues Error codes, Tool / computer operating system and software version.


Focal point for technical communication flow for assigned territory

  • DFSE counterpart will stay up to date on latest technical information through resources such as CTN broadcasts, monthly infant care / DFSE phone calls 
  • DFSE counterpart has a routine and effective method to communicate information to distributor/dealer shops via regular conference calls, branch visits, newsletters, etc.
  • Product technical information (issue status/improvements), Tooling / technology, Repair practices and procedures
  • DFSE counterpart is the focal point for Service CTN broadcasts for their respective branches/dealers ensuring that appropriate service personnel view and understand broadcasts
  • Ensures distributor/dealer shops have a system to maintain and retrieve up-to-date technical information including product issue input and hardware to support product problem investigations.  A shop should be able to access the following via QuickServe Online:
  • T & R / O&M manuals, Service parts topics, Data sheets/Power curves, Engine specific information - Completed campaigns, Previous repair records, Service tool support - INSITE updates, Engine communication data link compatibility issues
  • Assists in defining service training needs and activities for distributor,  dealer shops and end users
  • Counterpart monitors and communicates status of competitive products within assigned territory



Field Problem investigation Skills/Capability

  • Proactively plan out investigation (testing needed/conditions/equipment required) Including Proper Troubleshooting and Diagnostics as per QSOL TT Trees.
  • Documenting information and submitting PIR’s and reports including (clear labeling of files, pictures and data log files)
  • Readily available reference material (Common Approach Guides, GCE, Circuit, Counterpart Training Materials, QSOL)
  • Collect and Analyze Customer Complaint Data (Electronic and Mechanical), Understand impact of environmental / application conditions that may be contributing to the issue. 
  • Consistently collect data (repeatable data runs, consistent test procedures and vehicle configurations) - like for like conditions. Clearly document the conditions and duration time during issue occurrence.
  • Basic Data Analysis Data Manipulation Requirement: Modifying data, reviewing tabular / graphical data, Compare data collected with specs and curves, look for obvious derates and changes in readings at time of issue occurrence.
  • Tools Availability DFSE counterpart should have completed proper training and have available the following minimum set of tools:
  • Calterm III, Communication: Cell Phone/Laptop, Data Collection: INLINE/Camera/INSITE, Diagnostic/Evaluations: Gauges/Transducers/VOM, Other: Powerspec/VE-VMS Digital Camera, Service Literature Availability (Manuals, QSOL, etc), Vibrometer or Vibration Analysis 3rd Party Plan



Technical Capability

  • (Refer to detailed Skills Matrix):
  • Technical Capability shadows Cummins Virtual College and Promotion Electronics Test System (PETS) Programs


Distributor Corporate Staffing / Work-plan/Qualifications

  • Staffing
  • Preference is for dedicated individual with high technical quality/credibility. 
  • The number of Counterparts per distributor should follow a minimum 0.25 man/branch level
  • Distributors with multiple DFSE counterparts may choose to split responsibilities by different territory regions, product lines and/or markets
  • Provide Technical Hot-Line support to distributor branches, dealers, customers
  • Work-plan
  • Distributor management has clearly defined their DFSE counterpart role and job description/definition and yearly communicates to each of the branches the difference between early notification and technical support role clearly defining when to involve DFSE Counterpart.
  • A clearly defined work-plan with periodic reviews should be established for the individual(s) performing the DFSE Counterpart role.  The work-plan should clearly define the role/expectations and percentage of time to be dedicated to the role
  • Role should be a “corporate” distributor role (i.e. not reporting through an individual branch) with proper authority
  • Counterpart Work-plan requirement, complete his self evaluation and submit with supporting documents to factory DFSE on or before an agreed measure documentation submission time table.
  • Counterpart Mobility
  • Distributor provides DFSE Counterpart with tools necessary for remote network access to communicate from branch, dealer and customer locations in conjunction with Cummins factory DFSE, service engineering product support the need access to write & submit PIR's, send data and pictures, receive calibrations during onsite customer support investigations.
  • Branch Technical Support Requirements
  • DFSE Counterpart cascades information, presents important bi-annual Tech-Update information with technicians and service support personnel  at each branch
  • CTN Service Broadcast/Tape/DVD, clearly communicate on a yearly basis corporate view/document requirement for all qualified technicians, and pertinent service personnel (service managers, service writers/advisors, customer support), of all Cummins released sessions. 
  • Ensure repair locations maintain hardware and equipment necessary to retrieve up-to-date technical information, access to QSOL and ability to retrieve key service information, shop library of non-QSOL publications.
  • Corporate management policy supporting draft PIR submission at each branch


Required Skills & Experience:

  • Individual should have a minimum five years experience and a basic knowledge of the Cummins distributor service department operation,
  • Individual with knowledge of Cummins product lines and Cummins troubleshooting skills and procedures
  • Individual should be a decision maker, with excellent written communication and interpersonal skills that include the ability to communicate at all levels
  • Individual with strong mechanical, electrical / wiring, electronics knowledge and hands-on experience. 
  • Individual with strong problem solving skills and ability to carry out technical investigations
  • Individual with strong computer skills (PC programs – Word, Excel, etc.; Cummins applications – INSITE, Lotus Notes, etc.)
  • Individual with strong initiative, self motivated, and require minimal supervision with high technical credibility
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