Front Desk Officer in Lagos, Nigeria

at Prime Edge Intergrated

Hospitality / Leisure / Travels
Minimum Qualification
Required Experience
Entry Level
Employment Type
Full Time

Job Description

Front desk manager oversees employees assigned to the front desk
and ensures all services provided meet standards of the company.
Regardless of handling the front desk of hotels, resorts or offices,
front desk managers are responsible for giving the best customer
service they could provide.


The main task of a front desk manager is to supervise operations
happening at the front-of-house in an office, hotel or other
establishments. In hotels, beach resorts and other companies that
provide accommodations, front desk managers check for available
rooms, monitor status of their guests and work hand-in-hand with
reservation managers. They also oversee duties of housekeeping
and operations personnel, handle guest reviews, feedback and
complaints, evaluate activities in the logbook and provide customer
service training for all front desk staff


Require a minimum high school diploma with relevant work
experience. Prefer to hire front desk managers with a college degree
in management or a hospitality-related course.

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