General Manager - Investment in Dubayy [Dubai], United Arab Emirates

at Al Futtaim

Retail / Wholesales
Investment Management
Minimum Qualification
Bachelor's Degree
Required Experience
10 - 15 years
Employment Type
Full Time
Male or Female

Job Description

  • Establishing & maintaining real estate investment & management performance measurement parameters, criteria & principles for the measuring of the financial performance of real estate developments incorporating the continual evaluation of investment risks in capital costs, rentals, prices, operations cost, market demand & supply, inflation for the present and the future.
  • Developing, maintaining & managing complex standardized feasibility models for evaluating the real estate projects and the monitoring & controlling of the assets budgets.
  • Evaluating real estate assets for inclusion, exclusion, refurbishment or exit for the real estate portfolio against the parameters, criteria and principles referred to above using models referred to above in preparing Business plans and exit strategies and ensuring a sound real estate portfolio is maintained.
  • Ensuring adherence to the Funds’/Investors’ development, investment and management parameters, criteria and principles referred to above by the operational entities responsible for the development & management of real estate investments.  Ensure compliance with Fund investment mandate and Group Undertakings.
  • Ensuring that real estate developments are managed in accordance with the real estate investment & management performance measurement parameters, criteria & principles applicable for specific approved developments and continually evaluate the investment risks in capital costs, rentals, prices, operations cost, market demand & supply, inflation for the present and the future for such development projects. Report deviations to the business plans for development projects and risks that might develop during the development process and work with the development and management entities in developing strategies to mitigate such deviations and risks
  • Identify and prepare market evaluation reports of all conflicts of interest contemplated and seek consent as required before implementation.
  • Monitor the investment process against agreed parameters and undertake periodic reporting.
  • Provide guidance and assistance to the SEO in the ongoing review of the Company business plan, execution strategy and Group Finance budget reviews with respect to the department managed by GM.
  • Responsible for maintaining and compliance with AFIM policies and procedures regarding investment management (real estate) and asset management.   Maintain, review, enhance and update (implement if necessary) the Company’s operational policies and procedures.  Review and adapt internal controls to ongoing changing business and regulatory requirements.
  • Manage applicable internal audit, report findings and implement agreed control enhancements.
  • Responsible to identify, document and manage all risks related to the investment management (real estate) and asset management functions.
  • Responsible for the overall real estate investment feasibility, business plans and due diligence process, ensuring compliance by all Business Unit Managers and external advisors (tax, legal, financial, risk, operations, etc…) with respect to the Funds’/Investors’ investments including support of acquisition and divesture.


General Regulatory Responsibilities

Risk Management

The job holder must identify, assess, mitigate, control and monitor all risks associated with their position, responsibilities and business unit.  The job holder is responsible for following the Risk Manual and updating the Risk Register at least every 6 months.


The job holder is expected to provide full support and follow all instructions from the Compliance Officer, or their delegate, with respect to incident resolution and compliance testing.  Any compliance incidents, no matter how immaterial, must be immediately reported to the Compliance Officer. Internal audit The job holder is expected to provide full support and follow all requests for information from the Internal Auditor, or their delegate.  Any recommendations, no matter how immaterial, must be considered and acted upon.

Management information

The job holder is expected to establish and maintain financial and operational information as requested by the GM-Finance, Senior Executive Officer and/or Board (or its delegate).   The information must be relevant, accurate, comprehensive, timely and reliable.

Staff and agents

The job holder must satisfy the suitability of anyone who reports to or provides services to themselves about their performance and competency.  The job holder must keep abreast of market, product, technology, legislative and regulatory developments that are relevant to the role, through training or other means, and apply this Knowledge in a competent and timely manner to their role.


The job holder must sign the Company’s code of conduct and not engage in conduct, or facilitate others to engage in conduct, which may constitute (a) market misconduct; (b) money laundering; or (c) a financial crime under any applicable U.A.E. laws.

Business continuity and disaster recovery

The job holder must comply with the Company’s BCP and DRP.  They are also expected to know the procedures to be followed and keep updated on changes to the procedures.  The job holder must also consider their understanding of their business unit and risk, and ensure that the current BCP and DRP procedures are adequate and sufficient to address the BCP policy and compliance with DFSA regulations.


The job holder must make and retain records of matters and dealings, including accounting records which are the subject of requirements and standards under the legislation applicable in the DIFC.  Such records, however stored, must be maintained in English (unless the records relate to a business carried on from a territory outside the DIFC) and capable of reproduction on paper within a reasonable period not exceeding 3 business days.


The job holder must establish and maintain effective systems and controls to: deter and prevent suspected fraud against the Company; and report suspected fraud and other financial crimes to the Compliance Officer.

Relevant United Nations Resolutions and Sanctions

The job holder must keep abreast of relevant resolutions or sanctions issued by the United Nations Security Council and notify the Compliance Officer if they become aware of:  the carrying on or about to carry on a Financial Service;  the holding or about to hold money or other assets; or  the undertaking or about to undertake any other business whether or not arising from or in connection with (a) or (b);  for or on behalf of a Person, where such carrying on, holding or undertaking constitutes or may constitute a contravention of a relevant sanction or resolution issued by the United Nations Security Council.


Requires skills:

  • To support the Investment side (feasibilities, business plan, exit strategies) as well as support to the development side of the asset life cycle (design management, commercial management, project management) the incumbent needs to demonstrate adequate experience in both these fields. 
  • Preference to be given to experience working on the Investors’ side as opposed to consulting/construction side
  • Bachelor Degree or Higher with any relevant degree covering the necessary financial and technical knowledge required to manage investment and development of large scale real estate assets
  • Excel, Power Point Estate master, Word

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