Graduate Executive Trainee in Lagos, Nigeria

at Think Talk Speak Consult

Human Resources
Human Resources
Minimum Qualification
Required Experience
Entry Level
Employment Type
Full Time
Male or Female

Job Description

  • Attending the formal training provided by the organization, noting down the instructions given while training, understanding the theoretical aspects of the organization's goals and operations, understanding the organization's expectations from their executive for planning the career goals accordingly, etc.
  • Working in various departments on a rotational basis, understanding the intricacies involved in each department, determining the patterns of work environment in various departments, and understanding the various work aspects as per the organizational requirement.
  • Working for both junior and senior level employees of various department in order to gain required skills and expertise, understanding the work functionalities of various responsibilities assigned to them, and understanding the exact involvement of work functionalities required in every department for carrying out the organizational operations efficiently.
  • Undertaking the project activities related to productivity and workflow activities, practicing management skills by observing other participants involved in the team, gaining in-depth knowledge about the logic and science involved in business administration process, and understanding the constraints like demand and supply.
  • Learning to manage the outsourcing of essential services, understanding the reason of outsourcing, and commitment of the service provider for future reference after completing the training period.
  • Understanding the marketing aspects of organizational management like maintaining public relations, advertisement, sales and publicity, etc., for understanding the company's sales strategies, working with advertising agency and production agency for accomplishing the responsibilities appropriately.
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