Head Chef in Lagos, Nigeria

at Hubmart

Food & Beverages
Food Production
Minimum Qualification
Required Experience
1 - 3 years
Employment Type
Full Time
Male or Female

Job Description

  • The job description of a head chef requires candidates who can delegate tasks effectively, as well as solve problems and address issues efficiently in a fast paced, high stress environment.
  • Candidates for this position must be knowledgeable in food preparation and cooking tasks.

Essential Duties

  • Head chefs direct and facilitate the preparation, seasoning, and cooking of all food stuffs for a restaurant or any other food-serving facility; plans, prices, and executes the menu; and otherwise oversees the operation of the kitchen.


  • Develops menus.
  • Develops recipes and standard techniques for food preparation in order to ensure food consistency and quality.
  • Remains up to date on new techniques and trends in dining to ensure currency in kitchen food preparation standards.
  • Delegates tasks to chefs, cooks, and other personnel to ensure the economical and technically correct preparation of all food items.
  • Tracks kitchen expenses.
  • Coordinates with food service manager to create and monitor the budget.
  • Prepares or directly monitors the preparation of technically difficult dishes.
  • Supervises preparation to minimize wastage.
  • Assesses operation to ensure all rules and regulations for health, sanitation, and safety are followed.
  • Develops training for food preparation personnel in order to safeguard against kitchen accidents.
  • Provides on-the-job and professional development training for food preparation personnel.
  • Keeps up to date with local, seasonal ingredients and plans menus around them.
  • Works to help market the business with the creation of ‘specials’ and unique dishes.

Minimum Requirements

  • Demonstrates ability to communicate effectively and positively in order to manage a crew of kitchen staff.
  • Is able to produce large amounts of food effectively and in a short period of time.
  • Has organizational skills and the ability to develop and follow schedules for the entire kitchen crew.
  • Is knowledgeable on food production and food service managing.
  • Has well developed interpersonal skills for negotiating with co-workers and restaurant owners as well as for handling customers
  • Extensive professional culinary experience is required, which can be obtained through internship programs and apprenticeships.
  • Strong knowledge of administration, management, and human resources is also necessary.

Additional Requirements
Inclusive of these stated above, Its important that successful candidates for the position have the following:

  • Strong Personality.
  • Mature Disposition.
  • Quality Leadership Skills.
  • Knowledge of Retail Operations (FMCG).
  • A minimum of HND/ B.Sc or its equivalent.
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