Head Teacher, IITA International School in Oyo, Nigeria


Education Management
Minimum Qualification
Master's Degree
Required Experience
5 - 7 years
Employment Type
Full Time
Male or Female

Job Description

The duties and responsibilities of the Head of School include but are not limited to the following: 
• Manage effectively all aspects and change processes for a successful school.
• Develop and implement a broad and relevant curriculum and innovative approaches to teaching and learning to meet the needs of all students; monitor and evaluate the curriculum for both quality and value for money.
• Work closely with Management to ensure that the school vision and strategic plan are effective and pertinent to the school's goals. They should be clearly articulated, shared, understood and acted upon effectively by all.
• Work within the school community to translate the vision into agreed objectives and operational plans which will promote and sustain continual school improvement and a sense of team ownership.
• Ensure that strategic planning takes account of the diversity, values and experience of the school and community at large.
• Ensures creativity, innovation and the use of appropriate new technologies and initiatives to achieve excellence.
• Implement appropriate prevention, preparedness, and health and safety practices. 
• Build and maintain effective partnerships between school, students and parents to support learning.
• Have overall responsibility for the management and performance of the school; ensure that management, finances and administration of the school supports its vision and aims.
• Manage performance, utilising all staff effectively, challenging and addressing underperformance whilst providing for the continuous professional development of all staff.
• Ensure that educational provision and achievement for pupils with special needs are maximized through an appropriate mix of integrated and specialist needs provision. Motivates and works with others to create a shared culture and positive climate.
• Build a collaborative learning culture and, with other schools, agencies and partners (especially with the schools within Ibadan and Lagos) continue to build effective learning communities to promote excellence in teaching and learning.
• Carry out any duties as may be reasonably required by the Supervisor.


Required qualifications and experience:
• Graduate degree (Masters) in International Education, Education Management, Education Leadership, or a related field
• At least five years of international experience as head of school or administrator of a sizeable school division 
• Fluency in English

Desired qualities and experience: 
• Experience of leadership in an international school and strong up to date knowledge of relevant curriculum and current learning strategies.
• Ability to provide effective leadership and ensure strategic development within the school.
• Exceptional interpersonal and public communication skills related to an educational environment. 
• Prior experience of working in a developing country 
• Knowledge of teaching strategies needed to establish high aspirations with regard to results and behaviours.
• Personal, successful experience of leading a school through one or more accreditation processes
• Knowledge of/or experience with Montessori and PYP/IB
• Ability to create a safe, nurturing and challenging learning environment that encompasses developmentally appropriate practices, establishes foundations for future growth, and engages young people in building social skills and knowledge.
• Commitment to inclusive and comprehensive strategic planning 
• Demonstrated experience in successfully managing change
• Demonstrated ability to work with diverse stakeholders, including students, staff, board members, parents and external communities. 
• Ability to recruit, guide, motivate and blend competent national and international faculty and staff members. 
• Financial acumen and budgeting experience with excellent planning and organisational skills.
• Experience or willingness to participate in fund-raising from parents, business, community members and local government. 
• Cross-cultural openness and understanding
• Prior educational experience outside of home country.
• Strong work ethic, problem solving abilities, and excellent organizational and administrative skills.

Desired personal characteristics: 
• Focused and organized, with excellent time management skill, able to delegate tasks
• Ability to generate trust among all constituent groups and to develop a shared vision for the school
• Honest and open with staff, students and parents
• Ability to create and lead a learning community in which all members have a desire to inquire, evaluate and challenge thinking. 
• Approachable with an ‘open door’ policy and a visible presence on the campus  
• Innovative and willing to learn; especially in regards to new pedagogy and educational technology
• Strong moral and ethical code
• Strong, compassionate, diplomatic and approachable communicator in a diverse cultural environment.




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