Marketing Communications Supervisor in Lagos, Nigeria

at HReade

Marketing / Advertising / Branding
Minimum Qualification
Bachelor's Degree
Required Experience
5 - 7 years
Employment Type
Full Time
Male or Female

Job Description

    Reports to the Head Marketing

    Responsible for the planning and execution of specific corporate, product and service brand management efforts, image building and reputation management programmes. Within approved policy and authority limits, the MCM projects the interest of the Marketing entity on projects and events planned and executed with the involvement of internal and external solutions partners including Corporate Communications, the media and the press.

    Supports the Head, Marketing Communications to define/update the Vision and objectives of Marketing Communications (MC) for the company.

    Develops communications plans, manages events and programmes with budgets based on periodic business plans justifiable vis-à-vis revenues and growth estimates

    Supports the development of image building/management strategies and programmes, providing needed support to CEOs/ COOs, executive management, teams and the general workforce

    Makes recommendations for the development and implementation of consistent and vision-aligned policies for internal and external communications and branding efforts; monitors compliance and recommends sanctions for non-compliance

    Supports the Head, Marketing Communications in the development of Marketing-wide communication systems, policies and practices; ensures compliance to communications models and templates

    Oversees the career development, capability development and progression of team members and supports their growth through hands-on coaching, mentoring and counseling where necessary

    Develops and monitors the Unit’s budget and implements various initiatives to optimize costs, while delivering quality solutions of high impact

    Supports Change Management efforts on entity level projects and business initiatives with specific focus on Communication Strategy development and deployment

    Oversees the transaction processing and solutions implementation efforts of the Unit and ensures administrative efficiency on a daily-basis

    Produces/provides periodic updates and management reports on the activities of the Unit to the Head, Marketing Communications, COO, CEO and other relevant stakeholders as may be required, once approved. Reports include activity instructions, recommendations, evaluations, program work plans, periodic project updates etc.

    Manages key relationships with stakeholder groups including internal clients, general employee groups, external parties (Advertising Agencies, Media, Government Agencies, Corporate/regulatory, Organizations, Vendors etc)

    With the support of the Head, Marketing Communications works with the CEOs/ COOs of individual entities to develop and implement effective communications strategies, goals and objectives that create adequate awareness about product/service propositions and brands.

    Performs other duties as may be assigned by the CEO/ COO


    A good 1st degree in the Humanities, Social Sciences, Administration etc. or other field

    Adequacy, effectiveness and quality of corporate communication strategies and plans

    Quality and effectiveness, cost effectiveness of internal and external communications efforts/ activities implemented driven by internal customer satisfaction levels

    Effectiveness of management reporting

    Quality and timeliness of deliverables

    Corporate Communications Strategy Development and Execution Knowledgeable about best practices in strategic institutional branding

    Media Relations

    Project Management, Negotiation and Contract Management

    Basic Accounting


    Organization/ Administration Leadership/Supervisory, Interpersonal Relations and Team playing

    Oral & Written Communication; effective Presentation

    PC Utilization

    Creativity and innovation

    Work Experience: 5 to 7 years

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