Procurement Officer in Lagos, Nigeria

at Excel Travel

Sales / Marketing
Marketing / Advertising / Branding
Minimum Qualification
Required Experience
1 - 3 years
Employment Type
Full Time
Male or Female

Job Description

Develop organisational procurement capacity; Ensure procurement activities support the delivery of strategic objectives; Develop, monitor and update contracting and procurement systems and processes so staff have access to information and advice which is effective, meets probity standards and complies with relevant legislation, regulation and best practice. Facilitate expenditure reviews to identify opportunities to add value through improved procurement.


Develop and maintain documented standards for procurement governance and procurement

processes which result in value for money outcomes and minimise procurement risk.

Develop, maintain, monitor and update Council’s contract management and contractor

management policies, systems and processes.

Develop and maintain organisational procurement capacity by providing training and support to

staff with regard to procurement processes and governance;

Provide operational support and advice to management and staff in relation to procurement,

contracting and contactor management.

Establish and maintain a Contact Register;

Facilitate and coordinate best practice tendering and contracting activities. Including:

Reviewing draft tender documents for compliance with standards;

Placing tender advertisements;

Managing tender box openings;

Coordinating tender evaluation processes;

Assist with the preparation of tender recommendations for approval under delegated   authority;

Assist with the preparation of tender recommendations for approval by Council;

Reviewing proposed contract documentation;

Preparing contract documents for signature;

Arranging the signing of contract documents;

Managing the recordkeeping requirements of the tender and contracting processes.

In consultation with the Risk Management Officer, ensure contractors and suppliers have

appropriate insurance and Work Cover at all times.

Manage contracts assigned to the position to ensure compliance with specifications and service

delivery standards.

Facilitate expenditure reviews to identify opportunities to add value through improved procurement.


The position requires proficiency in the application of contracting and procurement technical and legal knowledge, including the underlying principles as distinct from the practices. A familiarity with financial systems and budgeting techniques is required.

The officer shall have an understanding of the long term goals of procurement along with the policies of the wider organisation.

The position requires skill in managing time, setting priorities, planning and organising work to achieve specific and set objectives in the most efficient way possible, within the resources available and within a set timetable.

The officer shall have the ability to gain co-operation and assistance from management, contractors, suppliers and other employees in the administration of Council’s procurement activities.

The officer must be able to liaise with their counterparts in other organisations to discuss specialist matters and with other employees in other areas to resolve intra-organisational problems.



The position requires:

  • · Completion of tertiary qualification in a relevant field (engineering, management);
  • · Contract administration and / or procurement experience.


  • · Knowledge of procurement and contract administration principles and practices;
  • · Knowledge of contract law principles and precedents;
  • · Experience in working with others on complex projects;
  • · Experience in developing procurement policies and procedures;
  • · Ability to communicate with a range of people from varying occupational and professional backgrounds;
  • · Tertiary qualification in a relevant field or extensive procurement experience.
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