Multimedia Content Specialist in Lagos, Nigeria

at Gidimo

Minimum Qualification
Bachelor's Degree
Required Experience
1 - 3 years
Employment Type
Full Time
Male or Female

Job Description

The Multimedia Content Specialist will be responsible for developing multimedia content and managing special projects vis-a-vis media.


The candidate will:

    Produce and edit photo, video and other digital content.

    Aid in the process of conceptualizing multimedia content.

    Identify and contribute to content creation through copy writing and editing.

    Assist in creating and managing a library of multimedia content.

    Maintain accurate and timely records of content.

    Serve as a technical expert in video production, lighting and production equipment, storing and archiving digital content.

    Apply best practices in content development.

    Perform any other activity related to content development.


Candidate Profile


    Experienced in audio/video production and editing.

    Proficiency in multimedia software packages such as Adobe (Captivate, Presenter, Flash), Articulate etc.

    Experienced in digital video cameras (still and motion).

    A deep understanding of research and content development process.

    Experienced in developing creative content.

    A good grasp of general knowledge concepts.


    Initiative and creativity.

    Strong oral communication skills.

    Good conceptual, critical thinking and analytical skills.

    Strong creative writing skills.

    Project management and organisational skills.

    Strong interviewing skills and an understanding of how various topics fit the goal of a project. 


    Flexible, adaptable and ability to work in a dynamic environment.

    Attention to detail.

    Willingness to learn new skills.

    Ability to take initiative.

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