NSMC Engineer Satellite NOC in Lagos, Nigeria

at MTN Nigeria

Minimum Qualification
Bachelor's Degree
Required Experience
3 - 5 years
Employment Type
Full Time
Male or Female

Job Description

• Oversee network management; faults detection, analysis, troubleshooting, escalation and resolution of all Satellite network related faults, all year round.


•  Provide network management of all Satellite network related faults i.e Configuration, Integration, Service Activation and Operations to ensure optimal network performance, as well as meet business objectives/plans.


• Acknowledge sites’ status on the Linkstar NMS and perform second-line maintenance of Satellite network faults.


• Provide service assurance support for customer in order to sustain continuous service operation according to set quality level.


• Work with Satellite support Engineer or Contractor to bring up new Satellite connection (Vsat) for corporate customer.


• Perform and Co-ordinate Antenna Line-Up Test for a new Satellite Backbone BTS site as well as check on all satellite network elements in MTNN.


• Oversee  Configuration and of Satellite modems and DVB Receiver e.g Paradise(P300, PD-10, PD-25), Radyne Comstream, DMD-15/DMD-20, SDM 4000, EF Data as well as daily reading of Satellite backbone connection of both National and International Voice Gateways to ensure continuous service availability.



• Perform/escalate Real Time Performance/Management of all Satellite network elements for effectiveness and provide daily reports for the next action to be carried out to improve network quality.


• Prepare Satellite Modem Data Interface cable to DB-connector and cross connect to MDF cut over to STM Link.


• Act as interface and also provide access reference number to MTN Contractors, Field Engineers, Operational Maintenance Center and Datacoms Engineers for planned work/change request and access to all MTN Location.


• Perform SATNOC duties as instructed by Satellite NOC Co-ordinator, e.g., correlation of outages, reporting, follow-up and resolution of specific network faults.


• Assist in the development of an automated process and effective environment to improve the performance of SATNOC as well as the NMC Shift Hand-over and ensure strict compliance.


• Ensure proper management and implementation of all network changes according to the organisation process and procedures to achieve the departmental set goal.


• Provide regular update on MTNN performance and other network issues to all the stake holders (Management, escalation unit, customer relations, and marketing) and other relevant department in MTNN.


• Escalate all faulty devices or hardware detected after troubleshooting/diagnosing (which cannot be resolved remotely) to the Support Engineer for replacement and assist with resolution of complex faults in order to improve network performance.


• Escalate trouble tickets issued against all MTN Staff, other Corporate Customers, International providers, MTN contractors and all other unresolved faults to the Satellite NOC Co-ordinator; and ensure timely resolution of such.



Job condition   


• Normal MTNN working conditions

• May be required to work extended hours

• On standby 24/7 throughout the year.



4 years work experience of which

• At least 2 – 3 years hands-on experience in light current, telecommunications or a related field

• Satellite Fundamentals; knowledge and efficient use of Linkstar Management Tool ( Viasat NMS), Basic Satellite Transmission Equipment, Spectrum Analyzer, etc.

• Basic knowledge of Cisco Router



Best practices in Operational Maintenance Center,  Satellite Operations, Network Management Center, Network Operation Center


Minimum qualification                



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