Nutrition Program Supervisor in Borno, Nigeria

at Save The Children

Health, Wellness and Fitness
Minimum Qualification
Bachelor's Degree
Required Experience
3 - 5 years
Employment Type
Male or Female

Job Description

§ Support field level technical assessments in coordination plan and organise OTP/SFP at designated distribution sites in liaison with Nutrition project Officer

§ Complete order forms for the logistics team of material, medicine and food requirements for each site for the week in advance

§ Work with MoH staff and officials to ensure all aspects of the programme are understood and agreed by MoH and appropriate referrals take place to and from MoH and the OTP/SFP

§ Working with the Community Mobilizer, ensure engagement of community leaders / their designates for the organisation of the arrivals outside of the centre

§ Working with the IYCF Counsellor, ensure CMAM beneficiaries are referred to IYCF services when required

§ Ensure adequate triage / that new arrivals are seen as a priority

§ Ensure cases not meeting admission criteria return home as early as possible and understand why their child is not admitted.

§ Supervise the activities of the OTP/SFP team at the distribution point

§ Ensure all criteria are respected and understood by the teams, including admission, discharge and transfer to and from the various components of the programme.

§ Ensure comprehensive health checks and treatment according to the agreed protocols

§ Review the forms completed by staff to ensure completion, accuracy and coherence

§ Undertake individual evaluations with the team

§ Ensure adequate availability of all medical and food supplies for each distribution, input in to creation and maintenance of a monthly distribution plan and ensure stock is pre-positioned as planned with Nutrition Program Officer and logistics team

§ Submit a daily tally of the OTP/SFP statistics

§ Submit a weekly report of the tally of statistics for each site (one form per site per week)

§ Report any progress and any problems in a timely manner

§ Through liaison with the community outreach/nutrition workers, provide effective follow up of all cases – particularly: ensure the prompt tracing of children who are absent from the programme

§ Request specific children to be followed up as required (newly enrolled children, sick children, long stay children / children not gaining weight, children with social problems etc).

§ Liaise with the Community Mobilizer to ensure comprehensive community outreach and mobilisation, health education and treatment. Check that all messages to carers, community groups, leaders and authorities are consistent and fully understood.

§ Attend regular nutrition meetings and assist in any other tasks when required

§ Respect the dignity of the beneficiaries, carers and members of the community

  • Work closely with partners and their staff to ensure project activities are implemented in time and within the stipulated quality.
  • To ensure that the minimum standards of humanitarian relief are maintained in accordance with the Sphere Charter and Red Cross Code of Conduct.


  • Identify learning and training opportunities for partner staff and communicate this to the Field manager or Nutrition Program Officer.

§ Ensure all OTP/SFP team members are familiar with their posts.

Representation & Advocacy & Organisational Learning:

  • Ensure that Save the Children's work is coordinated with efforts of other agencies and Government, and support Interagency Coordination forums, advocating for the specific needs of children. This may involve supporting coordination working groups within the IDP camps and host communities or target project sites.
  • Contribute to communications and media work as required through correction of data and information and sharing with the project heads



· Ensures that programme goals and activities uphold the principles of the key national and international humanitarian frameworks, codes and commitments

· Integrates beneficiary accountability principles into the approach

· Participates in disaster coordination mechanisms and interagency cooperation

Achieving results effectively:

· Ensures efficient and transparent use of resources in accordance with internal controls

· Establishes staff engagement mechanisms.

· Addresses difficult situations and makes tough decisions confidently and calmly

· Considers the wider impact of decisions to be made in the short and long-term.

· Continuously provides feedback and updates to achieve improved results

· Coordinates with stakeholders to avoid duplication and maximise resources

· Documents lessons learned and applies them to future projects

Maintaining and developing collaborative relationships:

· Actively listens to different perspectives and experiences of stakeholders

· Actively participates in networks to access and contribute to good practice

· Establishes and maintains clear communication and dialogue with disaster and conflict affected people and other stakeholders

· Establishes clear objectives with teams and individuals and monitors progress and performance

Operating safely and securely:

· Identifies and communicates risk and threats and minimises these for oneself and the agency

· Takes measures to do no harm and to minimise risks for partners and the communities

· Reduces vulnerability by complying with safety and security protocols set by the organisation

· Demonstrates an understanding of wider UN/NGO security coordination and how the organisation can benefit from, and contribute to, those mechanisms

Managing yourself in a pressured and changing environment:

· Helps team members to practise stress management through prioritisation of workloads and modelling of appropriate self care

· Remains effective and retains perspective in the face of difficult or demanding situations

· Demonstrates personal integrity by using one’s position responsibly and fairly

· Maintains ethical and professional behaviour in accordance with relevant codes of conduct

· Plans, prioritises and performs tasks well under pressure

· Takes responsibility for own work and for the impact of own actions

Leadership: Action; Thinking; Self; Inspiring; Developing Others:

· Builds own awareness of the bigger global picture by using a broad range of sources to gather data

· Demonstrates managerial courage by confronting difficult situations and seeking resolution, and stating willingness to champion ideas

· Demonstrates approachability and trust by listening carefully to others and valuing their contribution, and making others feel comfortable by being open and honest about their thoughts and feelings

· Demonstrates self-development and management by taking responsibility for own development, and actively seeking out feedback to better understand their own strengths and weaknesses

· Makes positive statements about work

· Effectively influences others by understanding their interests and showing how they will be met by own preferred solution

· Gives constructive feedback to enhance capabilities and responsibilities to another for the purpose of his/her development



  • Health / Public Health / Nutrition / BSc or equivalent
  • Experience of emergency nutrition work (preferably CMAM) and implementation of feeding programs, including monitoring and evaluation
  • Experience in conducting nutrition assessments and an understanding of nutritional surveillance and information systems
  • Proven capacity of management, leadership and teamwork
  • Excellent communication skills and a willingness to be respectful, kind, sensitive and empathise with all beneficiaries and their carers
  • Willingness and capacity to be flexible and accommodating when faced with difficult and frustrating working conditions
  • Demonstrable ability at report writing
  • Prepared to live and work in an uncertain security environment
  • Ability and willingness to frequently travel and stay at the field
  • Commitment to and understanding of Save the Children’s aims, values and principles
  • Fluency in written and spoken English and local languages
  • Computer literacy


§ Qualified nurse with primary health care / community health care experience.


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