Personal Recruiter in Lagos, Nigeria

at BentFill Associate

Staffing and Recruiting
Human Resources
Minimum Qualification
Bachelor's Degree
Required Experience
3 - 5 years
Employment Type
Full Time
Male or Female

Job Description

Responsible for sourcing, interviewing, and screening

applicants for present and future job opportunities.

Advertises job openings, interviews applicants, selects

the most suitable match, and screens applicant by

checking background and references.


Source or search for applicants on the Internet and

in a company's applicant tracking system.
    Meet with hiring managers to determine job duties.
    Write job descriptions.
    Match applicants to job openings.
    Source for future job openings.
    List job postings on job boards, social media,

corporate career web sites, and other possible channels.
    View applications.
    Perform background checks on applicants and identify

potential red flags.
    Inform applicants not chosen of company's decision.
    Keep track of all applications file away important

notations such as gender, race, and ethnicity.
    Talk with civic, social, and other groups to provide

information concerning job possibilities.
    Participate in implementing new recruiting

technology, such as applicant tracking systems and

screening tools.


HND, Bachelor's degree with master's in any related.
oral, written, mass and interpersonal communications.
Must also develop skills to ensure all materials are

high-quality and accurate.
Leadership skills on directing staff and overseeing

Must also develop research and proofreading skills to

ensure all materials are high-quality and accurate.
Must reside within Lagos.

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