Post Doctoral Fellow, Cassava DNA Finger Printing in Oyo, Nigeria


Minimum Qualification
PhD or DPhil
Required Experience
7 - 10 years
Employment Type
Full Time
Male or Female

Job Description

The Genetic Resources Centre (GRC) holds important international germplasm collections of most of the staple crops of sub-Saharan Africa, totaling more than 33000accessions. This includes a major collection of cassava, a key crop throughout sub-Saharan African. Currently cassava is maintained as a field collection and also as an in vitro genebank. However, we are now moving towards the implementation of cryopreservation of clonal crops, starting with cassava and later extending to yam.  A key part of our strategy in this regard is to have clear information of the genetic fingerprint of each accession before it is cryopreserved. This will build on existing genotyping-by-sequencing SNP data of cassava accessions maintained at IITA. 


Position Responsibilities:

The successful applicant will use the existing GBS data to develop an informative panel of allele specific single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and be responsible for the applicability/suitability of the SNPs panel for cassava identity validation.  He or she will also be involved in all aspects of DNA fingerprinting of cassava accessions using this panel.


Terms of reference

  • Conversion of SNP markers from GBS to a panel of informative allele-specific assays (LGC genomics or Illumina SNP chip) for fingerprinting and validation of the identity of accessions within cassava germplasm collection maintained by the GRC. 
  • DNA fingerprinting of cassava accessions of GRC and use in identity confirmation and studies of genetic relatedness.
  • Liaison with external service providers for SNP assays and their interpretation.
  • Liaison with GRC Database Manager on storage of fingerprint information linked to accession level information.
  • Capacity building of GRC staff and students.
  • Contributions to reports and publications.
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