PRINCIPAL DRILLING ENGINEER (140514) in Lagos, Nigeria

at Addax Petroleum

Oil & Gas / Mining
Minimum Qualification
Bachelor's Degree
Required Experience
10 - 15 years
Employment Type
Full Time
Male or Female

Job Description

Position Description

Oversee well engineering planning and provide technical support for drilling operations.


1.Well and completion planning in accordance with the Well Delivery Process.
2.Provide planning schedules for all drilling programs.
3.Track schedules and monitor implementation to schedule. 
4.Provide initial well timelines for planning purposes, drilling time curves, and initial cost estimates. Review with drilling superintendent and Head drilling engineering.
5.Acquire planning data from geology, reservoir engineering or geophysics as necessary.
6.Carry out offset well data analysis.
7.Design drilling/completion and work-over programs. 
8.Recommend means of avoiding drilling problems, eg wellbore instability, lost circulation, stuck pipe.
9.Work with various service vendors to ensure plans are achievable.
10.Provide engineering support/advise to the rig on program implementation.
11.Generate AFE for programs.
12.Actively monitor implementation of programs.
13.Ensure provision of End of Well reports.
14.Provide proper technical and commercial input to tender documents for services and products.
15.Assist in tender evaluations as necessary.
16.Provide detailed Scope of Work for drilling services.
17.Carry out contracts management related to operations as required.
18.Manage drilling and completion database.
19.Mentor younger engineers.


1.Provision of well schedules, job schedules, updates and monitoring of performance.
2.Monitoring contract performance, ensuring the technical and commercial conditions are fully met.
3.Ensuring proper research of offset data for wells planned is conducted.
4.Ensuring all well plans are technically sound, feasible and cost effective, and giving full consideration to all HSE aspects.
5.Ensuring well equipment proposed for drilling, completing or work-over of planned wells is available, fit for purpose, and meet the QA/QC standards required for the application.
6.Ensuring contribution to application to drill is done timely.
7.Ensuring well AFE’s are accurate and provided in time.
8.Ensuring timely provision of well programs in accordance with WDP. 
9.Monitor implementation of well programs and ensure it is in compliance with plans and that all KPI’s and NPT targets are met.
10.Ensuring all required reports are accurate and distributed to all who require them.
11.Ensuring well performance data such as planned vs actual drilling time and cost curves, cost/ft, etc are tracked daily.
12.Ensuring operations are in line with regulations. 
13.Ensure all statutory approvals for well programs are obtained.
14.Ensure drilling and completion database is routinely updated and organized for easy use.


1.Well time and cost estimates based on probability models.
2.Compliance with Well Delivery Process.
3.Detailed risk register with identified risks mitigated.
4.Detailed drilling, workover and completion programs signed and issued at least two weeks to commencement of programs.
5.Continuous monitor of well plans by means of performance sheets and KPI’s to ensure plans are achieved.
6.DWOP/CWOP Sessions on all programs
7.Propose process change, tool or equipment utilisation to improve performance or cut cost.


Well budgets of $80 - $100 million per year.



BS degree in Engineering (minimum)

Member, Society of Petroleum Engineers. Member IADC. Attended industry courses in well engineering, well operations management, project management.

> 10 years

30+ years (minimum)


Good technical knowledge of well operations. Initiative to proffer solutions to technical problems. Sound knowledge of IADC/API guidelines for well operations. Knowledge and understanding of relevant regulations applicable to all drilling, testing and completion operations.

Supervise subordinates, rig operations, service companies; make presentations and facilitate meetings.

Good interpersonal skills, communications and organizational skills are essential.

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