Real Estate Consultant in United States

at a Confidential Company

Real Estate / Property
Minimum Qualification
Bachelor's Degree
Required Experience
1 - 3 years
Employment Type
Full Time
Male or Female
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Job Description

Real Estate Consultant Job Description

The real estate consultant is the one who has to provide buyers with a house. The consultants have to deal with the residential and commercial estate. He or she has to make sure that the requirements of the clients meet exactly. The job of a real estate agent and consultant are very much similar but though there is a difference a real estate agent focuses efforts on selling houses and closing deals, a real estate consultant offers a greater range of services.

Duties and Responsibilities

*A real estate consultant has to take care of both the sales and decors of the house. There are the basic duties and responsibilities of a real estate worker as follows:

*The main duty of a real estate consultant is to sell the property to buyers but following up with help and recommendations in renovation works.

*He or she has the responsibility to understand the requirements of the clients by interacting with them.

*It will be also the responsibility help the clients in legal works like preparation of ownership deeds and arrangement of loans.

*He or she has the duty to display the properties to the prospective buyers so needs to arrange for that.

*He or she has to schedule appointments with clients to show them the properties that meet their requirements.

*He or she needs to arrange for the mortgage service and arrange for renovations and other services that the buyer may require.

*It will be the responsibility to evaluate and examine the contract papers to ensure the verification and accuracy as well.

Skills and Specifications

*The person needs to have a strong knowledge about the local region and its real estate statistics.

*He or she should necessarily have a strong knowledge about the legal formalities of selling real estate.

*He or she should be aware of the best home services in the region.

*The person should have the knowledge of renovation works and other repair works.

*The person needs to be an excellent communicator and should have the skills both verbally and written.

Education and Qualification

*The basic degree required for the job is a bachelor's degree basically.

*Now days there are certified courses available for the job as well of a real estate consultant.
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