Sales Negotiator in Dubayy [Dubai], United Arab Emirates

Real Estate
Sales/Business Development
Minimum Qualification
Bachelor's Degree
Required Experience
Entry Level
Employment Type
Full Time
Male or Female

Job Description

Glass and Stone Properties invites you to a permanent job of Residential Sales Negotiator seeking to realize yourself in sales of residential property in Dubai


- We work on exclusive contracts basis only with customers on the base of unique technologies of high-speed property sales.

- This allows us to sell property of our clients 3-5 times faster than other real estates, which means you earn 3-5 times more than in other real estates.

- Glass and Stone is a young successful team of professionals headed by strong leaders, having the ability to work vigorously, quickly, creatively, outside the box.

- The highest level of professionalism and social responsibility allows us to create new standards of customer service.

- We are happy to carry out our projects; we develop them with enthusiasm, always coming up with something new, offering the boldest and the best solutions for our clients. We quickly reach our goals and adore everything new and interesting. Ignite creative ideas, challenge the impossible, to implement the most incredible projects, implementing bold plans.




• Making our clients Happy

• Learn, learn, and once again, learn

• Sell exclusive service for the property owners

• Negotiate with property owners and buyers

• Implement innovative ways of property advertising

• Negotiate and bargain with potential buyers

• Maintain reporting to management

• Enhance of the professional qualification, standards and procedures of Glass & Stone Properties (skills of sales, negotiations, marketing)


Glass and Stone Properties provides:

• Percentage of transactions + bonuses

• Stable, interesting and profitable job

• Personal coaching with each realtor daily

• Weekly personal training with immediate practical application of new knowledge

• Professional legal and organizational support

• Strong partnerships support of the entire team of the Company

• Prospects for growth in the Company up to the level of Realtor Expert, director of the branch, the Regional Director

• Company car after the trial period


Candidate Requirements:


• We need people who do not criticize and complain, and rolled up their sleeves act decisively! Professionals are justified by results only.

• The candidate must have leadership potential, strong personality and distinct way of thinking.

• Ambitious fanatic workaholic. Willing and able to give the best results and make yourself as well as your company the most recognizable and popular in the market

• High level of energy and sociability

• You must be in love to work with clients

• Age from 21 to 60 years

• Gender: Female and Male

• Hot desire to learn new skills


We immediately settle up and breakup with you if:


• You bring 1001 argument why the task can not be done or why "others do not do that in Dubai or it will not work" and other "excuses" to avoid taking responsibility

• Sending a letter to someone or request by calling the customer, you calm down and think that your job is done; NO - We need results

• You run away from work at 18:00 at the time, when the problem remained unsolved. We do work until the task is complete. For us, the results are stronger than words and promises.

• You ask questions, the answers to which are in the top ten of Google search or in store our files

• You do not analyze your mistakes and continue to repeat them. We are not afraid of mistakes, but we do not accept their repetitions.

• You "forget" about the tasks, calls, and daily reporting to the client and management

• Spend your time on endless harmonization and clarification without bringing results

• You lout on to your manager / colleagues / customers. Charging employees by your negative and complain about life. Our company cannot have such emotions at work.


Competitive advantages we offer:


• Number of transactions per Broker on average 2-3 per month

• Work with clients only under the exclusive contracts and only sale of residential property cost 5 000 000 AED and above

• Every day coaching for company expenses by professionals who has successful experience in Dubai real estate for more than 6 years

• 70% of our new clients come to us on the recommendations basis

• We create unique and interesting content for the target audience. Result is the maximum incoming calls

• We work on unique technologies in real estate sales having more than 100 ways to attract our clients

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