Security Coordinator, Escorts in Lagos, Nigeria

at Hobark Group

Oil & Gas / Mining
Security and Investigations
Minimum Qualification
Required Experience
7 - 10 years
Employment Type
Full Time
Male or Female

Job Description

Job Description:
• Plan, execute and report on all Security escort tasks
• Coordinate all elements involved in the security escort activity; Escort dispatchers, OPG, Spy police, Security Coordination Room (SCR) and drivers
• Follow-up of Escort security vehicles maintenance and communication systems
• Liaison with Logistics movement on the execution of all movements requiring escorts
• Liaison with GSA; police, military, airport personnel and traffic management authorities whose assistance may be required for the successful execution of escort tasks.
• Manage the selection, training and deployment of orderlies to top management

? Organize escort process – routine & non-routine
o Contribute to evaluation of needs & capabilities to the Security Coordinator
o Develop team work between drivers(civilian/SPY) and armed escorts; resolve conflicts
o Ensure availability of quick mobilization of security personnel (real Vs plan)
o Ensure availability of security vehicles (Operations plan Vs Maintenance plan)
o Synergise with Security Coordination Room for coordination and tracking of Escorts
o Liaise with the Logistics department for details of movements that require escorts and for the assignment of civilian escort drivers and repairs/maintenance of escort vehicles
? Address escort requests
o Receive and process motorised escort requests via the escort management system or email
o Assign security resources for approved security escort requests
o Escalate requests for approval as required
? Plan all land and boat transit escorts according to requests or daily needs
o Prepare escort orders
o Assign adequate escorts to land and boat teams including requirement for marine police and security
o Prepare security teams for emergency response
? Supervise escort execution
o Set-up of escort by dispatcher:
- Assignation of team / vehicles by dispatcher to perform all escort orders
- Readiness of security personnel before departure
o Execution of escort by Convoy commander:
- Security Risk Assessment by convoy commander with Security control
- Pre-Service briefing before departure
- Check of compliance to standards (communication means, flashlights, etc.)
- Escort execution and reporting by Convoy Commanders
-Tracking of Escort convoys using status reports and tracking tools
? Report escort process performance
o Security anomalies, breaches/incidents
o Process follow-up data (escort start time- real vs plan, # escorts- real vs plan, etc.)
o Report escort performance indicators: % non routine escort requests granted, % Escorts On time In full (routine / non-routine)
Proposals on how to improve the Escorts process



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