Security Guard in United States

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Military / Security
Administration & Office Support
Minimum Qualification
High School
Required Experience
Entry Level
Employment Type
Full Time
Male or Female

Job Description

Security Guard Job Description

*Security guards, also known as security officers, have the job of patrolling and inspecting property against illegal activities including theft and vandalism of property.

*They also safeguard property against fire, enforce property laws and work to deter all types of criminal activity.

*Some security officers are armed; however, most are not required to carry a firearm.

*Security officers write reports on certain activities that they have observed during their assigned shift if necessary.

*They also have the job of interviewing witnesses and victims of crimes, and are sometimes called on to testify in court.

Duties and Responsibilities

*They generally have a station that they are assigned to, and their job is to make sure that they keep their station secure.

*A security officer will secure a station alone, or will be assigned to work together with another security officer.

*If a security guard is assigned to a large area, they are generally given a mobile device, such as a patrol car or a patrol cart in order to secure the premises thoroughly.

*Security guards can arrest or detain those who engage in criminal activity within their designated area.

*They can also detain those who are violating noise, traffic or any safety laws.

*Security officers may also inspect packages of those entering certain facilities.

Training and Education Requirements

*Security guards who are not armed do not have specific educational requirements.

*Armed guards generally need to have at least a high school diploma.

*Most security officers must undergo on-the-job training, and this training is generally provided by the employer.

*The level of training required depends on the job. Training for unarmed guards is generally much less rigorous than training for guards that must be armed.

*Guards that are armed are required to receive formal training in a variety of areas, including weapon retention, the use of force and various security and weapon laws.

*Armed guards are also required to be tested for proper weapons use prior to securing their station.
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