Senior Technical Officer-Logistics in Abuja, Nigeria

at Fhi360

Healthcare / Medical
Logistics and Supply Chain
Minimum Qualification
Bachelor's Degree
Required Experience
1 - 3 years
Employment Type
Full Time
Male or Female

Job Description


The Strengthening Integrated Delivery of HIV/AIDS Services (SIDHAS) project is a five-year PEPFAR program to provide high quality HIV/AIDS services, and to build the capacity of the public and private sectors in Nigeria in order to provide these services in a sustainable manner. The SIDHAS project is funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Job Summary / Responsibilities:

The Senior Technical Officer (Logistics) will assist in the development of FHI in-house capacity among the various departments, implementing agencies (IAs) and all tiers of government in all aspects of distribution and warehousing of health commodities. S/he will provide technical support and leadership to Nigeria’s efforts to strengthen the supply chain process of health commodities, using the LMIS supply chain management information system, to reduce stock-outs, lower costs and eliminate wastage.



Duties and responsibilities:


  • Provide technical assistance to management, IAs and government on most efficient and cost effective distribution channels to improve the LMIS and supply chain systems of health commodities (i.e., medicines, laboratory reagents, rapid test kits and other medical supplies and consumables) procurement and distribution and ensure accountability of processes. 
  • Provide technical coordination in health product selection, quality assurance, receipt of commodities and efficient distribution systems. 
  • Direct outgoing or incoming health commodities distribution activities of FHI; ensure health commodities or supplies are shipped, distributed, or received in an efficient manner. 
  • S/he will develop a cost effective system for cold and dry storage for health commodities based on good storage, evidence-based principles and in keeping with good quality assurance standards. 
  • Responsible for daily to day warehouse maintenance and security and escalates major issues/repairs/improvements to management for support. 
  • Assist in the development of warehousing and distribution budgets and plans; recommends budget estimates for warehouse operations. 
  • Provide TA and capacity building to all tiers of the government of Nigeria and to FHI to strengthen national systems for procurement and supply chain management of health commodities. 
  • Assist in developing and guiding the implementation of warehousing and distribution policies and procedures. 
  • Ensure that all required health inventory checks are conducted and all variances reconciled. 
  • Determine / approximate a maximum-minimum inventory control system to be used in forecasting complex systems that track stock levels and order levels bearing in mind the physical capacity of warehouses. 
  • Manage replenishment orders for health commodities at the various warehouses. 
  • Develop, maintain and improve a logistics management information system and an electronic inventory system of stocking and tracking commodities in the warehouses. 
  • Conduct periodic visits to facility warehouses to follow-up on all warehouse related matters such as the environment, sterilization, refrigeration etc. and generate reports to management and other stakeholders. 
  • Monitor safety standards in accordance with regulations; ensure safety code and quality compliance are met daily. 
  • Advice on the disposal process of all health commodities marked for destruction (damaged or expired). 
  • Research, develop and recommend policies and procedures to improve internal processing and record keeping systems. 
  • Design coordinated systems for FHI to transport health commodities that report and forecast delivery times, transport costs and performance in order to reduce stock-outs, eliminate wastes and lower costs. 
  • Provide oversight function to ensure that adequate measures are taken to support product integrity and quality during distribution, and that the principles established in the WHO guidelines for good trade and distribution practices are followed. 
  • Work with other FHI departments like M&E, Medical Services, Laboratory Services etc., to improve commodities management and reporting. 
  • Ensure that all distribution documentation for health commodities in FHI, with funding agencies, suppliers, implementing partners and regulatory bodies is complete and compliant. 
  • Ensure FHI’s compliance with legal guidelines, Nigerian, US and any other funder’s export and import controls, contracting principles, sourcing and price/cost analysis requirements. 
  • Establish effective record keeping policies and procedures; establish and maintain standards to ensure accurate order entry, shipment tracking, and timely delivery of materials; direct and control receipt of orders and release to warehouse; create order management plans for key customers and distributors. 
  • Maintain the logistics management information system (manual and electronic) for the entire health commodity supply chain including HIV and TB medicines, malaria commodities, laboratory reagents, laboratory supplies, consumables and rapid test kits. 
  • Compile, analyze, and monitor performance indicators for all commodities in the procurement and supply management system.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.
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