Software Support Engineer in Abuja, Nigeria

Minimum Qualification
Bachelor's Degree
Required Experience
1 - 3 years
Employment Type
Male or Female

Job Description

  • Maintain close working relationship with software vendor in order to understudy the basic workings of the software
  • Update SQL queries as necessary to accommodate periodic revisions of indicator definitions and create SQL queries as necessary to include new indicators that are ratified for inclusion in the NigeriaQual program by the NigeriaQual task team.
  • Provide essential technical assistance to users at all level necessary to ensure that the software is operational
  • Create State and IP level users on the NigeriaQual software platform as required to provide access for data submission
  • Assists IPs and state officials with set-up and use of the NigeriaQual software
  • Troubleshoot data submission errors and data error issues in order to ensure data integrity
  • Ensures that all NigeriaQual software updates are properly installed and rolled out to all users
  • Performs and documents procedures for data preparation including data cleaning, standardization and analysis
  • Develop data collection and evaluation methodologies, including format design, project criteria and requirements, data compilation, relevancy and usage
  • Develop and implement evaluation methodology related to various health data programs to determine completeness and adequacy of the data collection procedure.

Data Reporting and Analysis

  • Understand and ensure the existing standards relating to data collection and use are abided by in the implementation of the NigeriaQual program.
  • Evaluate the NigeriaQual data collection systems periodically and use findings to improve operations.
  • Prepare bi-annual and annual data reports on the NigeriaQual performance measurement exercises to be shared on the NigeriaQual website.
  • Developadhoc reports as necessary
  • Manage access to all NigeriaQual related reports for whatever purpose and also access to NigeriaQual data to ensure that proper procedures are followed especially for research purposes.
  • Shares data with IPs and States and Federal agencies, as needed
  • Support in fostering relationships with other state agencies that have interest inNigeriaQual data
  • Participate in national meetings (i.e. task team meetings) and state meetings (i.e. state QI committee meetings and State QI forums)


  • Ability to work under limited supervision
  • Working knowledge of basic and advanced Computer applications used for data collection e.g. Structured Query Language, Microsoft Access, C ++ etc.
  • Understand the principles and practices of data and database management
  • Working knowledge of data collection, utilization, validation techniques and Research methodologies
  • Understands basic programming languages, Arithmetic, Algebra, Calculus and Statistics
  • Understand medical terminologies
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite, GIS, Project Management (PMP), Contract Management, analysis software (e.g. SPSS, STATA), Business Intelligence,
  • Data Reporting and analytics competencies (content knowledge).

Required Education and Experience

  • Minimum of a Bachelor's Degree in a computer related field with evidence of above listed skills. 
  • Master's Degree, and at least one year experience in: Health Data Analysis/Management; Statistics; Public Health (Epidemiology/Biostatistics Focus); will be an added advantage


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