TV/Radio Presenter in Lagos, Nigeria

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Advertising / Media
Broadcast Media
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Full Time
Male or Female

Job Description

 They also introduce reporters, newscasters, sportscasters and other professionals appearing on a program or show. Many television presenters research and write their own material, often under tight deadlines. At smaller stations, television presenters may also perform off-air, production-related tasks, such as operating the control board, editing footage and logging program schedules. At some stations, presenters interact with the public off-camera, assisting with fundraising and selling advertising


Television/Radio presenters must craft likeable, on-air personas to introduce programs, make public service announcements, appear at newsworthy community events and wrap-up programs for audiences


According to the BLS, competition for positions as television presenters is extremely competitive, and a combination of experience and education is often required to gain access to these jobs. Most individuals aspiring to work in this career complete certificate or bachelor's degree programs in journalism, broadcast production or communications. Courses may include English composition, video editing, reporting, media ethics and media law. Coursework or internships providing on-air and production-related experience working for a campus television is especially valuable.

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