Vice President, Human Resources And Corporate Services in Abuja, Nigeria

Human Resources
Minimum Qualification
Bachelor's Degree
Required Experience
3 - 5 years
Employment Type
Full Time
Male or Female

Job Description

Duties and responsibilities:

 1)  Support the President in driving bold institutional reforms and change management to make the Bank a high-performing organization. Drive a strong development- and people-centered institutional culture at all levels of the Bank. Align human resources, budgets and corporate services to the strategic directions of the Bank.

2)  Provide leadership in the formulation and implementation of the Bank’s strategies, full documentation and publication of policies and procedures as they relate to the People, Information Technology, General Services and Institutional procurements, Business Continuity, Health and Safety.

3)  Establish and implement a rigorous performance-based culture within the Bank, with transparent and merit-based systems for all promotions and appointments.

4)  Implement and enforce results-based accountability systems across all complexes, departments, divisions, regional resource centers and country offices.

5)  Develop and build a robust, first rate and strategic talent pool to allow the Bank to execute and implement strategic directions to enhance the effectiveness and impact of the Bank.

6)  Provide leadership to drive a culture that fosters staff creativity, innovation, participation, shared values and inclusiveness.

7)  Build first rate information technology and communication systems to enhance staff productivity, streamline and digitalize all procedures and systems, and foster cooperation, collaboration and team work to deliver as One Bank.

8)  Drive cost efficiencies and value for money in the use of all corporate resources and ensure transparency, fairness and equity in the application and administration of all human resources policies, rules and regulations.

9)  Leading the formulation, implementation and monitoring of policies and programs relating to the procurement of assets (movable and immovable), services and works and the maintenance of the Bank‘s fixed assets and equipment.

10) Support optimal deployment of Bank's resources to develop regional business complexes that will grow and solidify the regional foot print of the Bank and grow the business and income of the Bank.




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