Vice President Of Group Supply Chain And Logistics Head in ARMM, Philippines

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Manufacturing / Production
Sales/Business Development
Minimum Qualification
Required Experience
10 - 15 years
Employment Type
Full Time
Male or Female

Job Description

• This position sets the direction and operational plan to ensure that the group of companies have the raw materials, finished products, machinery and equipment, goods and services to support the projected business growth and to deliver the right finished products to the right customers on time. The responsibility covers areas of planning and forecasting, sourcing, and purchasing, moving and distribution.
• Analyzes market conditions, economic indicators, price fluctuations, manufacturing and technological developments, merging global trends and calamities to foresee impacts on continuity of supply and product cost when recommending alternatives/ substitutes, interventions and providing data for corporate planning.
• Spearhead the development of a visible supply chain strategy and annual purchasing plan to support the production and office requirements of the company based on requisition projections and sales targets.
• Initiates development, review, and revision of purchasing and distribution policies, processes and procedures to builds and maintain efficiency in the entire supply chain.
• Develops and maintains strategic sourcing with sustainable processes to minimize cost and meet the specifications on quality, quantity ad timelines through a select group of preferred suppliers. 
• Directs supplier analysis for existing and possible sources, manages a system of supplier evaluation and accreditation, and builds relationship with their leaders.
• Sources for new products with established financial viability as addition to existing product lines.
• Negotiates contracts, commercial agreements and other business requirements, managing the deals to ensure commercial and cost savings benefits.
• Oversees development and implementing of an efficient nationwide distribution


• Age range at least 45 years old 
• Graduate of Marketing, Management, Business of Engineering and preferably with MBA.
• 10 years of solid experience in international trading and buying of raw materials and finished products from China and other Asian countries, five (5) years of which in managerial capacity. Experience in the steel industry is a plus.
• Analytical thinker, Assertiveness, Patience, Self-starter, Acts with integrity, Diplomatic but firm, Able to work under pressure, Detail-oriented, Process-oriented, Ability to maintain strong focus, Innate ability to prioritize, Able to adjust with individuals from diverse backgrounds
• Exposure to IT systems e.g. ERP/MRP
• General marketing knowledge
• Facility with English, other Asian Language will be a plus.
• Ability to design and manage a visible supply chain activity that enables the company to see and coordinate activities to improve efficiency and respond more quickly to supplier, market and customer events.
• Ability to identify, prioritize, manage, and mitigate risks coming from economic turbulence, credit, supply, chain disruption, employee, changes in price, regulation &policy, competition, and global complexity among others. 
• Ability to manipulate cost factors through outsourcing, purchasing and distribution strategic and others.
• Ability to understand and make good judgments in a diverse business environment based on grasp of financial, accounting, marketing and operational functions of an organization.
• Ability to use a systematic method of assessing and selecting the best combination of sources for materials, supplies, and equipment’s.
• Ability to use knowledge of the market, human behavior and analysis of contracts in discussing and reaching an agreement with suppliers/customers to protect the company’s interest.
• Ability to build a collaborative relationship with customers to understand and meet their demands.
• Ability to use words, channels ad body language to send and correctly respond to others and achieve understanding.
• Ability to write in a clear and concise manner and to convey message appropriately in business letters, claims, products problems, reports and others.
• Ability to use time, resources, energy and other workplace factors effectively to achieve goals.
• Ability to influence others to achieve goals by working together, motivating, monitoring progress and rewarding good performance.
• Ability to facilitate and enable employees to psychologically ad functionally transition to a desired situation in a company. Ability to create an inspiring rich and beyond the present paradigm view of a positive future state for the division or company, and connecting it to the plans, performance and values of employees.
• Ability to look at the big picture and toward the future, always reviewing the data and applying what they learn, stretching others to think beyond what is to the possibilities of the future.
• Ability to analyze symptoms and identify the problem, compare data from various sources to discover the causes, develop multiple alternatives and choose the best course of action.
• Ability to delegate authority/responsibility to managers and create a continuous learning environment through feedback, sharing of expertise and learning from mistakes. 

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