Watch Keeper in Abuja, Nigeria

at GRM International

ICT / Telecommunications
Security and Investigations
Minimum Qualification
Bachelor's Degree
Required Experience
3 - 5 years
Employment Type
Full Time
Male or Female

Job Description

The Duty Watch keeper is a new role in the GRM-Futures Group Operations room. The role will primary focus on all routine activity that takes place within the area of operations for the GRM-Futures Group Programmes.  All activities will be monitored by the Security Manager, who will share the same office and, when in Abuja, will be available for immediate consultation.  This position will be based in Abuja, Nigeria and report to the GRM-Futures Group Security Manager

Working hours will be from 0800 – 1800 hours daily.  There will be the occasional requirement to work weekends and during a crisis.


Tasks and responsibilities are as follows:


  • Collection and collation of all security related information from all sources;
  • Distribution of security related information to the Programmes as required, once approved by the Security Manager;
  • Provide liaison with DfID security office, other international development companies, NGOs and IOs with regard to the exchange of security information;
  • Manage all travel requests from the Programmes, which require security clearance (as set out in SOPs);
  • Maintain a record of daily travel by the Programmes;
  • Provide daily tracking, and maintain communications and contact with all persons who are mobile within the area of operation. This will be achieved in cooperation with Drum Cussac real time tracking;
  • When required provide pre incident recorded data for subsequent analysis, where official vehicles have been involved in accidents / robberies / off route travel / carjacking etc;
  • Maintain a location chart of all GRM/Futures Group installations in Nigeria, with contact details;
  • Maintain a location chart of the offices of other, key non GRM/Futures Group development programmes in Nigeria, with contact details;
  • Ensure that contact information for all GRM/Futures Group personnel is maintained and kept up to date. (Telephone “tree”) Test the alert procedure as directed;
  • Maintain and update on a regular basis the Important Phone Numbers directory. At Federal / State and LGA in some states – dependent upon the geopolitical coverage by GRM Programmes;
  • Maintain a record of all forthcoming visitors to Nigeria (Professional Staff and Spouses / Dependents);
  • Maintain a record of the contact details; visit plan and lodgings of all visitors to Nigeria;
  • Ensure that all visitors to Nigeria receive a completed Pre Visit Security Information Form;
  • Ensure that the correct reception protocols are observed for new arrivals to Nigeria;
  • Maintain a record of hotels, offices and private accommodation that have been security cleared;
  • Coordinate the delivery of new arrivals briefings according to the Security Manager’s programme;
  • Alert the Security Manager to any Health / Safety and Security incident involving a member of GRM/Futures Group;
  • Assist in the management of security related incidents as directed by the GRM / Futures Security Manager;
  • Provide the nucleus of the Crisis Management Cell and manage any manpower augmentation as necessary;
  • Coordinate the provision of data for the development of presentations and briefings by the Security Manager on an as required basis;
  • Ensure and maintain the efficient functioning of all operations room equipment and report faults immediately; and
  • Maintain the security of the operations room and enforce a limited access policy as directed.


The ideal candidate will have:

  • A bachelor’s degree  
  • 3 years+ work experience in a relevant sector;
  • Experience using ICT in relation to the security management industry;
  • Certified computer training and versatility in software and hardware relevant to surveillance;
  • Good self- starting attitude and a good team player;
  • Strong interpersonal skills and a clear endorsement of the candidates ability to manage sensitive security data without undue reckless disclosure​​; and
  • Nigerian nationals are encouraged to apply
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