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Afro Foods And Spices Limited

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About Afro Foods and Spices Limited

Day by day Nigerian consumers are becoming quality and safety conscious about food; not only about appearance but also about food free of contamination because in the last ten years over 2,000 families have lost their lives through the consumption of Cowpea beans (NAFDAC 2011) most times refer as the “killer Beans”, the cause of these deaths are not farfetched; 97 percent of the beans available in the markets contain these chemical and pesticides.

Against this background Afro Foods and Spices Limited makes available to Nigerian consumers and West Africans in diasporas food products that are hygienically selected, refined, sorted, polished and tested against any harmful substance using the most modern instruments and safety standards at a competitive price using the most modern processing machines.
Afro Foods specialized in packaged food (Cowpea beans ( black eye beans, brown beans), ginger, chili pepper, iodized salt, Garlic, Rice, Sugar, Fonio ,yam, onions, etc). These food items are produced and packaged using the most environmental sound farming practices, hygienically selected and packaged in premium packs and sealed in re-sealable plastic bags and containers that are convenient for consumers and cost effective.

The products are packaged in 500g, 1kg, 2kg, 5kg, 10kg and 20kg Plastic bags, plastics containers, corrugated Cartons and sacks and sold on the Nigerian and European market. Our customers are primarily Major eateries, super stores, hotels, wholesalers, ordinary consumers nationwide, Africa and European importers.

Our corporate head office is located in Abuja (Federal capital territory) with factories in Niger state and warehouses located in over 6 states of the northern Nigeria where our raw materials are hygienically produced.
In order to differentiate ourselves, our products come hygienically selected and packaged into labeled and branded into modern hygienic standup bags and equipped with latest re-sealable seals and tamper evident technology that gives our customers the convenience to use and re-use and not minding the consequence of contamination, our products are free of chemicals, pesticides and other intoxicant and are guaranteed fresh and are transported using the most effective and hygienic mode of transportation (Cargo containers). In addition our products are sorted at ninety-five percent screen 18 and above compared to the industry standard ninety percent screen of 17 and above. In addition, all of the farms adhere to environmentally sound farming practices avoiding the use of pesticides and chemicals in crop production.

Our packaging designs are such that consumers will find it easy and convenient to use, store and provide effective means of storage and protection against insects.
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