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Founded in 1990, InfoTrack is a preeminent research and consulting firm specializing in the business communications industry. We provide in-depth research and analysis on the leading business communications vendors and technologies and count virtually all of the major players in the industry as clients. Our mission is to help those clients make critical product and marketing decisions based on insightful, actionable data, which includes both historical performance statistics and detailed forecasts. In short, we provide them with the intelligence needed to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace.

Our products include four subscription programs and a variety of custom consulting services, including new product launch assistance, vertical market research and marketing support. We are also well known and highly regarded for the global surveys we conduct that provide our clients with forward-looking, demand-based views of the needs, perspectives and purchasing intentions of enterprise and small and medium sized business (SMB) decision-makers. Clients use this information to help direct investment dollars into new technologies, new offers and sales strategies that meet the self-described objectives and plans of their target customers.

We are also frequently called upon by enterprises and government agencies to assist with their business communications strategies and purchases. In addition to our expertise, we are able to bring to these engagements T3i Group’s TelecomTactics database which provides detailed side-by-side comparisons of hundreds of business communications systems. With potentially millions of dollars at stake, our enterprise and government clients want to minimize risk and maximize ROI. We help to insure they do both.
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