Identity Technology And Economic Preparation (ITE)

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Identity Technology And Economic Preparation (ite)

Lagos, Nigeria | Bachelor's Degree | 5 - 7 years

About Identity Technology and Economic preparation (ITE)

Nigeria has more university graduates than the United Kingdom, yet the UK is financially more prosperous and with a much greater GDP. Education in Nigeria is 100% certificate focused, hence students no matter how bright they are, leave the academic world and cannot make any real financial gains leading to zero return on the cost of education made by parents.

As a result of this, lawyers become property agents, doctors remain just above poverty lines, and engineers seek bank marketing work all because the education system in the country does not have adequate courses to guide basic degrees into making tangible economic gains.
We no longer just have educated illiterates but also educated poor! Education can only be deemed worthy if it leads the educated to tangible economic gains. ITE courses structure the basic learning of anyone in any field towards achieving economic prosperity for themselves and the nation as a whole.

A World Bank report stated that it is now glaringly obvious that possessing a greater number of citizens with advanced development in the three areas of regional identity, technological awareness and understanding of the principles of free market will propel a nation to the status of an economic giant.

According to economic development statistics of advanced nations and members of the G20, the three most basic ingredients clearly seen to be higher than those of poorer countries like Nigeria and others in Africa is the development of their educated citizens in the three areas of “identity”, “technology usage” and “economic understanding of the free market forces”. It is now extremely logical to conclude that early and continuous impartation of these three basic principles will produce people that will definitely be economically prosperous in life and lead to the increased GDP of their country.

The ITE curriculum is a set of advanced courses that covers these three basic pillars of citizen and national economic growth. It is an initiative of the Dukwe & 21 Pillars for Global Development Equity, alongside the New Nation Movement, aimed at empowering young Nigerians through qualitative education, provision of technological aids and financial assistance through loans and scholarships.

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