ALM Liquidity Dealer Full Time
Standard Chartered Bank

Lagos, Nigeria | Bachelor's Degree | 10 - 15 years | Full Time | Male or Female | Banking / Finance / Insurance | Banking / Financial Services

Job Summary

The main responsibility of this role is the management of the liquidity profile of the natural Balance Sheet of the bank.

The job is to raise and deploy liquidity to ensure the bank is in a position to meet all its obligations as they fall due (intra-day and inter-day); to meet all regulatory requirements; to diversify the deposit base in a prudent manner; to pre-empt times of surplus and tight liquidity and to produce a curve reflective of the Banks marginal cost of liquidity.

Job Responsibilites

1. Estimate and plan for the internal funding and deposit taking requirements of other units of the Bank
2. Meet all funding and deposit taking requirements whilst maintaining regulatory, stress and prudent liquidity requirements
3. Operate within ALMs liquidity limits
4. Produce daily yield curves for the Banks marginal cost of funding in local and major foreign currencies, fixed and floating rates, for funds transfer from or to the rest of the Bank
5. Forecasting Risk Weighted Asset (RWA) usage
6. Understand and be able to act on the Country Liquidity Contigency Plan
7. Money Laundering Prevention

Job Requirements

1. At least 10 years experience of money markets, payments systems and banking
2. Highly numerate and fast thinking
3. A good understanding of cash, bond and derivative markets, with an emphasis on details and anticipation
4. Ability to build and maintain good relationships with internal and external partners
5. Ability to spot funding, liquidity and arbitrage opportunities within cash markets
6. A high degree of complexity to balance the funding and placement requirements cross-currency and cross business units in real time
7. A high degreee of judgement in actions to ensure a prudent liquidity position without incurring undue cost, whilst erring at all times on the side of caution

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