Appliance Repair in United States

at a Confidential Company

Minimum Qualification
Required Experience
Entry Level
Employment Type
Full Time
Male or Female

Job Description

Appliance Repair Job Description

Some repairman work in a retail location, but most will involve travel to the customer’s home or office.

Duties and Responsibilities

*Most jobs take place on-site rather than at a central location. Here, he will install and repair appliances.

*If necessary, the appliances will be connected to gas and water and it will be his responsibility to check for leaks.

*To diagnose the problem and determine which repairs are needed.

*To inspect a unit to ensure it is working properly.

*To carry out routine maintenance.

*To explain to the customer how to operate and maintain the appliance for optimal performance.

*Some jobs will require that you be on call for emergencies.

Training and Education Requirements

*Entry level positions in this field require little, if any, training.

*Require that you have a high school diploma, at a minimum.

*Good customer skills and a driver’s license will most likely be requirements

*Many appliance repair jobs require or strongly prefer candidates with a certificate in appliance repair or a related field.

*Technical schools and community colleges also offer programs in this field.

*Home appliance repairers may also be required to complete continuing education courses.
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