Armed Forces Officer in United States

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Military / Security
Minimum Qualification
High School
Required Experience
Entry Level
Employment Type
Full Time
Male or Female

Job Description

Armed Forces Officer

*Armed forces officers are responsible for defending the country and its states, and for supporting international peacekeeping and humanitarian work.

*Armed forces officers work in the service of their country to defend its people’s safety and support international peacekeeping and humanitarian efforts across the globe.

Duties and Responsibilities

*Planning manoeuvres, assigning duties and communicating effectively with the staff as a whole.

*Commanding, training and leading subordinate personnel and taking responsibility for each individual’s morale, welfare and readiness for action.

*Looking out for the welfare and training requirements of new recruits.

*Operation and maintenance of warfare systems, equipment and vehicles.

*Taking on specialist duties and skills such as engineering, air traffic control, training and administration.

*Producing briefings, reports and presentations.

*Effectively distributing equipment, resources and manpower to achieve objectives.

Qualifications and Training

*Graduates of any subject can enrol as officers in the armed forces.

*The candidate’s leadership capabilities and their general suitability to a life in service are far more important than their degree subject.

*The candidates are tested both physically and mentally, and include a medical assessment.

*You will be tested in your ability to think calmly and logically under pressure, working on your own and as part of a team.

*You will be expected to have a firm knowledge of past and present operations as well as a basic grasp of the ethical debates surrounding warfare.

*Applicants must be below 29 years of age, with strong vision and colour perception.

Skills and Specifications

*Ability to communicate concisely and clearly to subordinate personnel and superior officers alike, both orally and in written work.

*The ability to work calmly and decisively in dangerous, high pressure situations.

*Excellent leadership and teamwork skills.

*High level of physical fitness (near perfect vision and colour perception is often required, especially for pilots, drivers and so on).

*Determination, self-motivation and discipline to achieve professional development and work towards promotion.

*A demonstrable commitment to the forces and loyalty to your country.
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