Business Leader, Government Services And Solutions Full Time

Lagos, Nigeria | Bachelor's Degree | 10 - 15 years | Full Time | Male or Female | Sales/Business Development | Sales / Marketing

Job Summary

Enterprise Development Background 
The Government Services and Solutions team is part of the Enterprise Development organization within MasterCard. The group’s mandate is to improve MasterCard’s relationships with governments and merchants around the world, by understanding their needs and then working with partners across MasterCard to develop solutions. Our goals are to improve the experience of governments and merchants who deal with us, expand the reach and quality of MasterCard’s capabilities, and work to grow revenue. 

Group Description 
The goal of the Government Services and Solutions team is to facilitate the development and execution of global, coordinated strategies for creating a business with Governments, while ensuring alignment with corporate priorities and helping to drive new revenue streams. The team will partner with the Regions and MasterCard support functions to develop, refine, communicate and execute selected strategies globally, while ensuring a focus on local markets. The key focus for 2013 will be partnering with Region / Country management, Public Policy and GP&S to: 
• Develop Government Go-To-Market (GTM) platforms with strong, public sector value propositions 
• Secure new opportunities and optimize existing programs with governments to increase revenue and a create a stronger relationship with key Government officials 
• Drive awareness and understanding of Government priorities and needs throughout MasterCard 
• Integrate MasterCard into the Public Sector community 

The longer term objectives of the team are to: 
• Foster a substantial revenue stream from Government payments 
• Promote government strategies in new & existing product plans 
• Understand competitive product offerings for Governments and how MasterCard can be differentiated 
• Establish and share a new “narrative” for our work with governments and Influence the way we partner 

Job Responsibilites

The position is responsible for securing and optimizing our business relationship with Governments by enabling MasterCard’s products and services to meet Government needs in the pursuit of: 
(1) a new and growing revenue stream for MasterCard 
(2) a strong partnership with governments that enables MasterCard to grow business without unreasonable regulation or restrictions 

This position will partner with Region and Headquarter resources to work develop solutions that will solve key government needs for payments, consulting and information. Specifically, the position will develop relationships with key Government officials by leveraging GTM platforms that provide thought leadership and payment innovation. Position will develop a local sales strategy to ensure MasterCard is in the best position to secure new business. The initial areas of business focus will be: 
• Social Grants – Payment of Government disbursements to recipients. 
• Payroll – Payment of Government salaries through MasterCard products 
• Transit – Use of MasterCard products for payment of fares on public transit 
• Government Procurement – Leverage MasterCard commercial products to drive key government needs of efficiency, SME inclusions and transparency 
• Government Payment Receipts – Enable payment of taxes and government fees with a MasterCard product 

Position will provide support for the development of global GTM platforms that includes the following key elements: 
• Thought leadership that facilitates an enabling regulatory environment 
• Business cases written for governments that will facilitate the sales process 
• Repurposed product designs that work within government 
• Key partnerships with NGOs and technology partners to enable successful deployment 
• Optimization plans to ensure government needs/objectives are met including efficiency, financial Inclusion and transparency 

Additional responsibilities include the following: 
• Establishing a framework to facilitate execution of local government business strategies 
• Working with external partnerships to enable and deliver products and capabilities for governments 
• Integrating strategies across products that relate to government business opportunities to achieve medium and long-term growth objectives 
• Drive MasterCard culture to better understand the needs and perspective of Governments 
• Become involved in external public sector communities to extend MasterCard presence 
• Driving alignment based on metric-based goals and objectives 
• Facilitating the sharing of best practices across geographies 
• Supporting the creation of product roadmaps 
• Supporting measurement of government business cases and product profitability 

Job Requirements

• Bachelor’s degree in business or equivalent work experience. Advanced degree desirable 
• 10+ years business experience in sales, product management and product development in financial services and/or bankcard industry preferred 
• Experience working with the public sector 
• Experience leading strategic and quantitative analysis for new product opportunities, market sizing, etc. 
• Understanding of governments structures and needs, competitive offerings and industry trends 
• Ability to oversee multiple projects and initiatives concurrently 
• Senior level presentation and communication skills 
• Business acumen with the ability to provide solutions and strategies that drive positive results for both MasterCard and governments 
• Self motivated with a proven track record of delivering success while operating within a team environment 
• Strong project management skills

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