Commercial Manager in United States

at a Confidential Company

Engineering / Technology
Executive / Top Management
Minimum Qualification
Required Experience
7 - 10 years
Employment Type
Full Time
Male or Female

Job Description

Job Summary:

The Incumbents typically handle the budget of different construction projects. The commercial manager is tasked to make estimates on the cost of manufacturing products, accepting construction projects, and providing construction services. They also get to manage the costs of large scale projects such as the construction of schools, office buildings, factories, residential spaces and more. Incumbents will have to determine the cost of materials for such projects, and include a feasibility study with recommendations on how to make cost-effective moves. They are also essentially responsible for minimizing expenses without compromising quality. Aside from having great accounting skills, these candidates must be well informed enough to know which supplier offers the best bang for the back.

Key responsibility: 1.

Staff leadership and performance management

Essential Activities Outcomes

1.1 Develops and implements departmental manpower structures and leads / directs Performance of subordinates and departmental teams towards goal achievement.

1.2 Develops, implements and communicates performance targets / measures / standards / Policy compliance and outcomes to staffs.

1.3 Implements communication strategies to ensure effective communication of relevant Effective / timeous communication information and the involvement of staff

1.4 Manages / ensures the management of performance through counseling, training and
corrective action

1.5 Manages disputes / grievances / changes in accordance with relevant procedures and
accepted practices

1.6 Monitors processes and implements / maintains / improves procedures / systems to ensure effective and efficient process / variability control.

1.7 Ensures the implementation of HR, SHE and QA (Business) policies and procedures

Key Performance Indicators:

Key responsibility: 2. Tender assessment, development and contracting

Essential Activities Outcomes

2.1 Leads the tender assessment process ensuring involvement of relevant parties, the Accurate / timeous estimating identification of risks and timeous decision making Accurate / timeous tendering

2.2 Leads and directs the estimating process ensuring involvement / contributions of relevant Risks identified / addressed / managed parties and accuracy of data Margins meeting shareholder expectations

2.3 Directs the tender development process and reviews the final tender ensuring accuracy,

compliance with company policy and an acceptable contractual / commercial risk profile

Key Performance Indicators:

Key responsibility: 3. Bid clarification and budgeting

Essential Activities Outcomes

3.1 Appoints the project management team when the order is received and leads the handover Scope variance identified / addressed process of Accurate budgeting

3.2 Ensures the review of order against tender, the identification of variances and scope changes Clarifications obtained timorously and the timeous response Relevant parties involved

3.3 Leads the bid clarification process and ensures a clear understanding of customer Variances documented requirements and a common understanding of contractual commitments between all parties Minimum disputes

3.4 Ensures that changes in scope and customer requirements are dealt with in accordance with the \"Variation order and management processes\"

3.5 Leads and directs the budgeting process ensuring involvement and commitment of relevant parties and achievement of company objectives

Key Performance Indicators:

Key responsibility: 4. Project execution

Essential Activities Outcomes

4.1 Monitors project costs and customer payments and takes timeous corrective action Costs within budget

4.2 Monitors despatching of products and delivery against targets and takes timeous corrective Delivery / dispatch on time action Customer communication timeous and effective

4.3 Liaises with customers as and when required and ensures effective customer feedback / Project budgeted margins achieved communication processes Contractual revisions costed / invoiced

4.4 Resolves when required or assists in the resolution of disputes with customers / On time payment / debtors days subcontractors on site Claims timeously / effectively handled

4.5 Ensures systems and procedures are in place to effectively and efficiently document Disputes satisfactorily resolved contractual issues and manage contractual documentation Customer satisfaction

4.6 Ensures that variances in scope during project delivery are dealt with in accordance with an agreed procedure and company objectives are met

4.7 Leads and directs a project close-out process ensuring effective claim management, account closure and a review of the project (post mortem)

Key Performance Indicators:

Key responsibility: 5. Business strategy / planning / budgeting

Essential Activities Outcomes

5.1 Coordinates the development of the annual /yearly departmental business plan and On time budget Action plans developed

5.2 Develops performance targets and monitors progress / takes corrective action to ensure Targets are achieved at the required Cost and within budget

5.3 Receives monthly costs, analysis variances, reports against variances and takes corrective action on time

5.4 Advises management /Board on new developments and opportunities and contributes to the formulation of business strategies and policies

5.5 Completes and submits reports as required

Key Performance Indicators:

Key responsibility: SHE. Health, safety and environment

Essential Activities Outcomes

1. Ensures housekeeping standards are maintained and improved No non conformances

2. Ensures SHE hazards and risks are identified and appropriate actions are taken to Timeous reporting of same to eliminate, prevent or manage to acceptable levels Housekeeping to standard

3. Ensures that safe SHE working practice are developed and implemented SHE system compliance

4. Ensures employees are issued with, trained to use and use the appropriate PPE Legal compliance

5. Monitors the investigation and reporting of SHE incidents / accidents in accordance with the SHE system

6. Ensures actions are implemented to prevent, control and manage pollution

7. Develop and implement actions to conserve natural resources

8. Performs the tasks / responsibilities allocated in terms of the SHE system

Education and Qualification:

* Possesses an HND or Bachelors degree in Quantity Surveying or related field.

* A Masters or Post Graduate Degree in Business Administration, Management or related field. (This can be waived for Applicants with over 10 years of experience of which 3 years Experience is in a similar position)

• Min 7 years experience in pre- & post-construction and quantity surveying services.
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