Construction Assistant in United States

at a Confidential Company

Engineering / Technology
Minimum Qualification
Bachelor's Degree
Required Experience
1 - 3 years
Employment Type
Full Time
Male or Female

Job Description

Summary of Job:

The Construction Assistant is required to assist the construction manager and project leaders in handling the construction
project. He is required to take the instructions given by the construction manager or the project leader and work
accordingly. He may be required to supervise the construction workers and oversee their tasks. He is involved in preparing
various construction reports and maintaining the record of the tasks handled by the construction team.

He/She is required to be there at the construction site and ensure that the work goes on smoothly. He/She is also expected
to keep a check on the material used by the workers and ensure that the material is consumed properly without any wastage.

Duties and Responsibilities:

The duties and responsibilities include:

* Assist the construction managers in various construction tasks.

*coordinate with the vendors to get various tasks done.

* Check whether the required construction material such as cement, sand, plaster, paint, etc is available.

* Order the building material and ensure that the stocks remain full and the work is not hampered or delayed due to absence
of any material.

* Give instructions to the construction workers and ensure that they carry out the tasks efficiently.

* Prepare construction reports.

* Get in touch with the clients in case any approval is required.

* May act as a link between the construction management and the workers.

* Ensure that the construction site is maintained.

Construction Assistant Skills and Specifications

Should have good communication skills as he/she is required to deal with the clients and vendors.

Needs to have knowledge about the construction material and the use of various construction equipments.

Should be patient and know how to coordinate with different Professionals.

Education and Qualification

HND or BSc in related field

If not, an associate course in Construction studies would suffice along with any Science related HND Bachelors Degree

Relevant experience in this field is also required.
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