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Customer Service Full Time
Hector Consulting Career

Lagos, Nigeria | OND | Entry Level | Full Time | Male or Female | Accounting | Accounting

Job Summary
customer service representive interacts with a company's customers to provide them with information to address inquiries regarding products and addition they deal with and help resolve any customers complaints.
Job Responsibilites
Customer inquiries often involve some form of
complaint that the customer service
representative must handle in accordance with
the company’s guidelines and policies.
Sometimes, the representatives may attempt to
solve the problems or at least propose some
solutions. Some representatives may also be
authorized to send customers their replacement
products or reverse erroneous fees. Others may
function like gatekeepers, getting information on
the problem and passing it along to someone
else to solve. Customer service representatives
must make sure first that the complaints made
are valid and must do whatever they can--
within the bounds of their authority--to make
sure the customer is satisfied when he hangs up
the phone.
Job Requirements
minimum qualification OND
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