Director General, AREWA24 TV Project Full Time
Equal Access

Kano, Nigeria | Bachelor's Degree | 1 - 3 years | Full Time | Male or Female | Broadcast Media | Information Services

Job Summary


Job Summary:

The Director General will manage the television channel and its strategic direction, lead all production, oversee community outreach, and develop partnerships for EA-Nigeria (EAN) and the AREWA24 channel. S/he will ensure that AREWA24 is delivering quality content to audiences across northern Nigeria and the Hausa-speaking sub-region and will liaise with potential business partners and sponsors to help drive the channel’s commercialization strategy.

During the first 6-8 months, the new Director General will work closely with the existing Director General to ensure maximum capacity building and a smooth leadership transition. He/she will also work closely with AREWA24’s President.

Specific Responsibilities:

· Provide strategic leadership and oversight of the AREWA24 program

· Help develop and implement a strategy for research and analysis related to the AREWA24 channel and its target audiences; apply that analysis to program and broadcast strategies.

· Support quality project planning, implementation, and M&E in a manner consistent with Equal Access’ working principles, ensuring the AREWA24 program is managed and implemented in a timely and high-quality manner, according to pre-established workplans, and basing program decisions on reliable and accurate data.

· Ensure that all production deliverables are submitted on time in a suitable format and in-line with EA’s strict quality standards.

· Analyze the commercial market in Nigeria and work with the AREWA24 President to adapt the channel’s commercialization strategy.

· Build staff capacity in producing, editing, and finalizing high-quality television content.

· Identify and document best practices and lessons learned that can be successfully replicated and assist program staff to integrate into their work.

· Identify, develop and manage new commission-based revenue streams from corporate sponsorships, advertising, and other sources.

· Liaise with the Nigerian public authorities about possible sources of income relating to the broadcasting of public service announcements or related to other relevant approaches.

· Work to engage with bi- and multi-lateral donors (UN, USG, and others) and like-minded corporations to develop programming for the channel.

· Explore the feasibility of developing potential equity partnerships with like-minded corporations and entities to further the channel’s growth and sustainability

· Support staff to ensure timely quality reporting to donors, partners and HQ and compliance with grant terms.

· Represent EAN and AREWA24.

· Lead security and incident related decision making and response.

· Ensure good staff management standards promoting discipline, efficiency and harmonious working environment.

· Promote transparent decision-making through open communication and regular meetings

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