Director, GSK Policy Execution And Impact Full Time

England, United Kingdom | Bachelor's Degree | Entry Level | Full Time | Male or Female | Human Resources | Human Resources

Job Summary

Knowledge & Capabilities Required
Masters degree (in communications, organisational development, business administration, or advanced degree)
Substantial experience in Communications and Change Management
Organisational awareness of GSK structure and stakeholders
Awareness of GSK’s Compliance requirements
Excellent presentation skills, oral and written communication skills.

Job Requirements

Job Purpose and Key Responsibilities:
The role will design and maintain a transformation in how GSK requirements are embedded in practice by ensuring a modern and disciplined approach to GSK Control Document oversight. The role will collaborate with others to deliver high quality content, engaging communications and meaningful learning to ensure Corporate Control Documents effectively mitigate GSK Risks and deliver GSK’s strategic intent.

This role will integrate and align practices across the various business units and global functions to deliver innovation in the associated compliance products to ensure that GSK has an industry leading GSK Control Document framework, methodology, and lifecycle by:
• Work with Senior Leaders to ensure all GSK Corporate Control Documents are of high quality prior to being submitted to ROCC or the CET.
• Establishing and maintaining the process to ensure readable content for all audiences
• Establishing and maintaining the discipline of documentation lifecycle
o Robust planning and revision transparency to impacted parties
o Ensure Sponsor endorsement and stakeholder review of content
o Manage the policy release process
o Develop, maintain and monitor metrics around development, usability and compliance.
• Develop and maintain approach for GSK External Policy transparency
• Establish and maintain the process for embedding new requirements:
o Ensure communications and learning plans are in place
o Continually improve the Code of Conduct and Policy Resource Centre
• Ensure GSK Corporate Controls documents form a core component of integrated risk mitigation planning and properly aligned to the relevant Risk Boards for oversight and approval.
• Benchmark with other companies to ensure our approach to Control Documents is continually evolving to mitigate emerging risks.
• Lead the GSK Control Document Community of Practice (CoP) made up of responsible experts across GSK. The purpose of the CoP is to drive alignment in quality and practice across GSK.

The role holder will require enterprise leadership and a high degree of learning agility. This role will have high visibility with Senior Leaders across all GSK functions and business units. They will need to be innovative and have good influencing skills. Flexible thinking will be necessary to deliver global solutions while working across the GSK Corporate Control document space and come up with engaging ways to deliver a best in class approach.

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